The 13 Best New Features in Windows 10 Anniversary Update 2016

A couple of months ago, we reported to you the rumored ‘Windows 10 Anniversary Update’. Just to give you a glimpse, it included features on improved touch, Cortana, Microsoft Edge, Linux Windows 10 and Universal Windows Platform.

And now the time is here, the curtain has risen. Microsoft is all set to offer a goodie bag with some super amazing updates to users. These lists updates that might drop your jaw. Starting from security improvements to new added features, visual enhancements and a lot more, Microsoft seems to rejuvenate Windows experience to users.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update- At a glance

  • Android Notification Center: Apart from all other combos and updates Windows would coming up, this one is a bang on update! You will now be able to get all Android notification on your Windows 10 PC. Simply connect your Android with the system and get all notification over it.
  • Xbox Play Anywhere: Xbox has got major updates, not only with its software and visual effects, but also with its name. It is now “Xbox Play Anywhere”. With this update, universal gaming will get enable on Xbox and Windows 10 devices. But this is limited to the upcoming tiles. However, games once purchased on Xbox will be playable on Windows 10 PCs and vice versa.
  • Windows Hello: How about if sign in to any website using your face? Sounds exciting, right? So Windows is bringing up this for you in its Windows Hello update. In addition to system login via face recognition, fingerprint and iris scan, you can also sign in to web using these means. But this support is only enabled until you’re browsing with Edge. You can now also sign in to your computer using a “companion device”, like USB security token, an activity tracking band or a smartphone.
  • Bizarre Start Menu: So to welcome you at its best, Windows has primarily updated its Start Menu. Instead of ‘All Apps’ menu, it’d lists all apps on the left side and to the left of this list will be your accounts, downloads, File Explorer, Settings and Power. About the right side, you’ll see all your tiles and live tiles.
  • Improved Taskbar: With the anniversary update, Windows has ditched the older clock and calendar view. It has now combined both of these. And to your surprise, it’s a sassy combination. You’ll find the new combo under Personalization> Taskbar. When you’ll click on the clock, you’ll see the time and a list of your day’s events. In addition to this, if you have multiple displays, the clock will appear on all of them.
  • Cortana Updates: You’ll now find Cortana on the lock screen. With this update, you’ll be able to access Cortana just by saying “Hello Cortana” or by tapping to its icon on the lock screen. Cortana, from lock screen will perform many tasks for you, including direction finding, appointment scheduling, reminders and alike.
  • Windows Ink: Windows 10 will come up with more pen with Windows Ink. The stylus will let you use it throughout the operating system. Windows Ink has its own workspace; with which you can access through an icon in the system tray.
  • Edge Updates: Microsoft Edge browser will now support browser extensions. For the time being, this would include extensions for AdBlock, Evernote and Pinterest Pin It Button. This can be enabled with Windows Store.


Pinterest in Windows 10


Other Updates: Extension support is the major update for Edge. Other than this, there will be number of minor updates as well, such as pin tabs in the browser, address bar will have ‘paste and go’ option, swipe navigation and alike.

  • Pin a Window or Program on all desktops: With the various updates getting enabled, you will also be able to pin a Window or a program on all your desktops. To do this, you need to open virtual desktop. Simply click on the Task View button, then right click the window or program you want to pin and finally select either of the options- ‘Show this Window on all desktops’ or ‘Show Windows from this app on all desktops’.
  • Enhanced Windows Defender: Unlike before when Windows Defender would disable itself on installation of a third-party antivirus program, it will now act as an ‘additional line of defense’. The new feature is named as Limited Periodic Scanning and will scan your PC periodically. But remember all this will happen only when the feature is ‘turned on’ on your Windows 10. There is also a good news for enterprise users. Windows will be bringing up to them Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, which will stop all sort of intense malicious attacks.
  • New Emojis: Windows has got a new set of emojis with bright colors, a two-pixel thick outline and six different skin tones. Apparently, Windows has re-designed its emojis to be playful and expressive. You can enable these emojis with on-screen touch keyboard on your Windows 10.



New Emojis in Windows 10 Update 2016


  • Dark Theme: Users who have used Microsoft phones, must have enjoyed white and black themes. This feature wasn’t enabled up until now on the PCs. But from now onwards you can choose theme of your choice from black and white. This feature can be accessed from Personalization tab of the Settings menu.


Choose Dark Theme in Windows 10


  • Active Hours: Finally, the last update talks about the Active hours on your Windows 10 PC. You can set any number of hours (up to 12 hours) to be your active hours, when you use your system most. During these hours Windows won’t restart your system to install updates. This feature can be customized with the following steps, Settings menu> Update & Security> Windows Update> Change Active hours. If in case, you use your system in non-active hours, Windows will still let you temporarily override active hours and set a custom restart time.

Windows 10 Anniversary updates are flamboyant, impressive and appealing. These certainly make up to be a goodie bag for all tech persons. And we are always here to add more and give you a steady PC experience with our software. All our software are compatible with Windows 10. You can download them from here.

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