Thanatos Ransomware Makes Data Recovery Impossible

There are many applications that do not follow proper testing practices before their release and then fall prey to various ransomware. Moreover, ransomware developers are constantly coming up with new ideas to hijack your devices. Such is a new and wild ransomware that attacks your computers in a unique way. A ransomware named as Thanatos generates different encryption keys for different files but never stores them anywhere, making data recovery futile. Thanatos was initially identified by the experts of MalwareHunter.

How Does Thanatos Ransomware Works?

When Thanatos infects a device, it encrypts every file with a unique key but doesn’t save the key anywhere. Therefore, even after paying ransomware, you may not be able to decrypt your files.

Thanatos malware changes the file extension to ‘. THANATOS’ for every file. It also tracks the total number of infected devices by connecting to a particular URL ( that reports about the count of the victims to the attacker. Everytime the user tries to access the computer, he or she is notified with a message that instructs him/her to pay a ransom of $200 to a crypto-coin address. The victims are asked to contact the hacker through email to collect the decryption software. Victims are asked to pay the ransom in BitCoin Cash, Ethereum and BitCoin.

Thanatos Ransom

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Note: –  Thanatos becomes the first ransomware ever to allow victims to pay in BitCoin Cash.

However, according to security expert Francesco Muroni, brute force algorithm might be applied to the encryption keys to commonize the file formats of all the files. The process is time-consuming but provides with a regular file type that contains a familiar magic header.

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How To Safeguard Your Devices Against Thanatos Ransomware

To secure your devices against Thanatos, best security practices should be followed. Always backup your data at a different place other than your device. hence, at times when your device is compromised like a ransomware attack, you can implement this backup to restore your important files. You can use Right Backup to automatically store your data on cloud. It is the most secure and easiest way to back up your data. With Right Backup, you can restore all your precious data in one click. Right Backup supports all major operating systems like Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. Click on the button to download Right Backup.

Again, install an antimalware program in your devices in order to perform behavioral and signature detections.

Other than these points, also follow these best practices for exhaustive security: –

  • Never forget to back up your important data regularly. Well it can be performed easily if you have an automatic and reliable backup solution like Right Backup.
  • Ignore attachments if you don’t recognize the source.
  • Ensure that the attachments sent to you are from reliable sources. Verify with source mentioned if possible and then open them. Also scan attachments with an email scanning software. However, almost all major email providers have inbuilt email attachment scanners in their website and apps.
  • Always keep your operating system and other useful software up-to-date. Attackers take advantage of security vulnerabilities that are present in older versions of software. Updating software can repair such security loopholes.
  • Finally, yet importantly, use passwords that are a tough nut to crack. For example, use passphrases like- “P@$$Phrases are M0re Secure”

Applying these points into practice, you can efficiently secure your data and stop grave ransomware attacks like Thanatos on your system. We hope that the article helps you to shield your system against Thanatos. For further help, talk with us in the comment section.

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