Geeky Things Singles (and Couples) Can Do this Valentine’s

Tech Teddy says: Love has no boundaries and it gets even better when your only true love is technology. Not to suggest, you this adorable robot out for a date. Oh but we think he could give serious competition to all the ladies out there! I mean, if Ted could….


Well, anyway. Irrespective of whether you’re single or not, this Valentine’s weekend, if you are not one to fall for inane V-Day consumerist culture, you might as well take Tech Teddy’s advice! There are plenty of geeky activities one can indulge in irrespective of whether you’re alone, with friends or with your loved one this week. Here are some nerdy suggestions you can try out.

1. Karaoke


The right music can change anything so why not spend your Valentine’s weekend singing along your favorite songs with your friends or your special lady/man. There are plenty of Karaoke apps available for every popular smartphone or digital device platform. All you need to do is make a playlist of your favorite songs, connect a speaker and Karaoke through your Valentine’s heart.

2. Rewatch the Original Star Wars Trilogy (or any good Sci-Fi movie franchise)


Call it ignorance, but the original Star Wars Trilogy certainly deals in emotions far deeper than love. This can also be held true for various other sci-fi movie series that are not only interesting to watch and Rewatch, but will also take your attention away from the futility of personal emotions and help focus on the greater mission in life. Nonetheless, it is also a great idea for nerdy couples who can totally learn how to use ‘the Force’.

3. Bake Geeky Shaped Cookies


There is no technology that can beat the benefits of cooking both for your social and personal health. So why not do the same and uplift your mood. Baking cookies is not only fun, but also has tons of benefit both for your physical and mental health. You can make things extra nerdy and fun by buying some geeky cookie cutters and invite your friends over for a sci-fi movie marathon and have munchies that totally match the setting. We mean what’s better than watching Star Trek marathon while eating cooking shaped like the SS Enterprise. Certainly not a date!

4. Build Your Own City with Cities: Skylines or Sim City 4


Sometimes, you end up being single and poor at the same time and that’s when you realize the importance of city building games. As you can neither afford a date or a holiday to some European country, why not create your very own tourist city or metropolitan? Cities Skylines Snowfall Edition is the latest and the most advanced city builder you can get your hands on with an active support from modding community. But if you’re not satisfied you can try the classic SimCity 4 from 2003 and enjoy infinite number of downloadable mods and utilities that will keep you busy for months.

5. Watch Big Bang Theory Marathon


If you’re a geek and struggling with your love life and finding a valentine’s date, there’s no other TV series that can relate with your situation other than Big Bang Theory. Those who can relate, will certainly end up binge watching entire seasons, while also learning how to cope with their geeky lifestyles and the lack of romantic encounters.

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6. Beat Your Friends on Mortal Kombat 10


A mere consolation and alcohol doesn’t cut it sometimes, especially when you’re trying to survive the Valentines weekend as a single. Splitting the skulls of your enemies and display their corpses as trophies of your victory- virtually- sounds good, eh? Well then playing Mortal Kombat X or XL and your single friends could be great way to spend the weekend.

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7. Knock Yourself Out On Tinder


This one’s kind of obvious but this is a good time to try out dating apps such as Tinder. Simply install the app and start swiping regardless of what the other person looks like for a through the weekend (which definitely isn’t as bad as being single). You might just get lucky before V-Day! If this doesn’t work, then simple try the abovementioned ideas to kill the frustration.

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Sure it’s February and love is in the air. Although it is just a popular culture trend that most couples enjoy, don’t feel sorry for yourself if you are single. Love can be found in all forms! Friends aren’t a bad start. Or for that matter, you can enjoy your solitude and love your geeky self!

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