5 Techy Things We Miss Doing from the 90’s Era

Nostalgia paints a smile on the stony face of the past” ~ Mason Cooley

We all share a bitter-sweet relationship with the past. The moment we start thinking about it, it either haunts us or brings a smile on our face. We’ve all had a crazy childhood filled with so many fond memories. From playing video games with our siblings to listening to music on our Walkman, we miss each and every bit of those times. Don’t you think, there was something magical about the 90’s decade?

Techy Things
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As time flies and with each passing year, we’re witnessing drastic progress and advancements in the technology sector. Technology and innovation surprise us in infinite ways while making our lives simpler. The modern-day technology helps us to accomplish our day to day tasks with ease, which involved a huge amount of struggle and effort earlier.

But yes, no matter how far we’ve come in the race of time, there are still a couple of things, which make us nostalgic sometimes. Here are a bunch of tech things we miss doing from the 90’s era that has been replaced by the new-age technology.

Let’s dive in.

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Burning CDs

Burning CDs
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Well, agree or not, but there was something unbelievably cool about the whole process of burning CDs. Our upcoming generation will never be able to experience this pleasure. There was a unique charm with CDs, and we all used to stack our own collection, which mainly included audio tracks and our favorite movies. Also, not to forget the sweet joy of making a mixtape for our high school crush. (Yes, we’ve all done that)

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We still cherish the good old days of buying a blank CD, burning and loading it with our favorite content, doodling it with fancy graffiti, putting it inside the cover and storing it in our collection. Ah! Bring back those days.

Using Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer may not be perfect, but we’ve all spent endless hours and days using this OG browser at some point in life or other. Internet Explorer was majorly overshadowed by Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox when it slowly started losing its charm. One of the most important reasons for its downfall was that the browser was not just extremely slow, but it was also prone to security threats. Well, whatever the case may be, we still miss using Internet Explorer, and this browser will always hold a special place in our lives.

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Playing Games on PC

Playing Games on PC
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Today’s millennial kids will never understand the joy of playing games on a desktop as they are too caught up with their PlayStation consoles (*rolls eye*). Only realgamers will remember the struggle of tapping the arrow keys infinite times for navigation and using the mouse click to shoot a weapon. Well, there are still some individuals who enjoy the PC gaming experience, and it has not completely gone obsolete. (yet) But it still can’t beat the joy of playing classics like Road Rash, GTA Vice City, Super Mario, Need for Speed, and more, which we miss immensely.

Downloading Mp3 Tracks

Downloading Mp3 Tracks
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Music has always been our favorite obsession. With the power of technology, online streaming services, and a reliable Internet, we can listen to our favorite songs anywhere, anytime. But that doesn’t mean, we shouldtotally give up on offline listening, right? We may be a part of YouTube and Spotify generation, but we still miss downloading mp3 tracks and storing them to our collection.

Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger

If you’re aware of this user interface, your childhood was awesome. Don’t you think Yahoo Messenger was phenomenal? We’ve all had some good crazy memories on this all-time favorite messenger. It may have become extinct in today’s time, but it cannot be erased from our memories.

Be honest, how many of you still miss chatting on Yahoo chat  rooms?

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Here were a couple of tech things we miss doing from the last two decades. No matter how much technology may have evolved we still have a soft spot for all these techy things. What do you feel about it, fellas? Feel free to drop your emotions in the comments box.

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