Technology Trends in 2017 that Will Shape The Year

As we grow each year, we step ahead with technological developments. Apparently, past few years have witnessed exuberant advance of human life through tech. Let’s consider the previous year, when we welcomed Google Tango- an augmented reality based smartphone, HoloLens Houzz, Camcorder Goggles and lot more. Nevertheless, these are things of past and have most certainly laid footing for the upcoming technology trends.

Perhaps, 2017 has already kick started with Nokia’s Android device, one of the most talked smartphones of the time. With that been said, there are many other launches wait in 2017 such as Amazon Store, iPhone 8, Drones, etc. Apparently, 2017 will see major highs when it comes to technology. Here are 8 technology trends in 2017 that will shape the year for its best.

  1. AI & Machine Learning: Almost 2 decades back, ‘A Space Odyssey’ gave us major technological goals with artificial intelligence technology shown in the movie. Apparently, we lived up to it and came up with Siri- one of the foremost artificial intelligence technique. Perhaps, as we move forward there are many more tech trends paving the way. More than before, 2017 and years to come will have intelligent behavior imbibed in the systems. This will change the entire way for systems to work, respond and create absolute new environment. In addition, machine learning will also be progressive when it comes to everyday tech stuff or techniques used in businesses.
  2. Intelligent Apps: When we say artificial intelligence and machine learning will take hold in technical world, intelligent apps are expected to prevail. A few of its examples include virtual personal assistants (VPAs), video games, etc. While video games are being used from ages now, VPAs have the potential to shape the year before us. For instance, it can transform the work environment by filtering things like emails. In addition, AI capabilities are expected to be infused with marketing, advanced analytics, AI-powered business processes and interface.
  1. VR & AR: When we say augmented reality, many of you must have remembered Pokémon Go. Yes, we know it’s a stuff from the previous year but will continue to flourish in 2017. And with even more brilliance! Virtual and augmented reality, together have a fine blend and will be used more often in businesses as smart way to train personnel and for users to have an altogether newer way to get entertained. Along with such games, we’ll have techniques for smarter homes. Henceforth, AR & VR will pop-up everywhere in 2017.
  1. Digital Twin: Forbes in one their articles says, “Within three to five years, billions of things will be represented by digital twins, a dynamic software model of a physical thing or system. Using physics data on how the components of a thing operate and respond to the environment, as well as data provided by sensors in the physical world, a digital twin can be used to analyze and simulate real world conditions, responds to changes, improve operations and add value.” Henceforth, every physical thing will be transformed in the digital twin, which would prevail in years to come. It would alter the need of technical experts and traditional monitoring devices and controls.
  1. Digital Technology Platforms: This one can exclusively be for business enterprises. In the time to come, every organization will have a mix of 5 digital technology platforms such as Information systems, customer experience, analytics and intelligence, the IoT and business ecosystems. These building blocks is called digital technology platforms. In particular, IoT and AI will remain as the key focus for most business enterprises.


  1. Cloud Migration: When we talk about technological development in all good senses, we can’t avoid its blues. Considering the previous year’s state, when we had countless ransomware strains and attacks, cloud migration will continue to be a key aspect in 2017. Until now, most business organizations and individual users have protected their data on cloud security. Not only does this technique help users escape from terrifying cyber-attacks, but also is helpful in reducing hosting and equipment costs, increasing capacity, streamlining operations, enhancing collaboration, and increasing productivity.


  1. Chatbots and Business Bots: Well, these had their advent in previous years but are limited to our smartphones and social media platforms. Facebook came up with its chatbot last year but couldn’t manage to amass popularity for it. However, this year, there is going to be an upsurge in chatbots and business bots. For the uninitiated, Chatbots are the computer program that are designed to simulate conversation between human users and devices, especially over the internet. So yes, we are to see more such apps or in-built techniques on our devices.


  1. Internet of Things: It’s been a year or so since IoT has gained immense popularity. Digital Trends says, “the IoT is supposed to connect all our devices together, making them sing in a glorious technological harmony. Thing is, we’re not at that point yet — at least in a usable manner, and in a way that doesn’t make you want to pull your hair out.” With that been said, every city is expected to become smart city with homes being operated with phones in our hands.

These are some of the digital or technology trends that are expected to make our year better than before (at least in terms of technology). While we gaze upon how they’ll sprout up, our tech life will perhaps be more advanced and easy!

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