Things to Avoid this Christmas

Tech and daily life can’t simply be parted and this is even more when special events are around. More often than not, you use several technologies without which life would be a hassle. However, these can also be doorway for various impending problems. Of course, you don’t want to miss out on an enticing offer coming your way. Perhaps, you should go
ahead and make your Christmas Merrier. At the same time, make a note of these and make sure that you fall prey to any hoax happening around you. This will keep you in rather safe position!

  1. Sharing your Passwords everywhere: Typically, passwords are the gateway for scams. You must refrain from sharing any of your password everywhere. Quoting from the Black Friday sales, many Amazon users received emails where they were advised to change their password as someone tried to access their account. Ensure you haven’t shared any of your password at different portals. You must use secure and trust websites that safeguards your personal details.
  2. When getting gadgets, avoid these: Yes, we know its time when you must be getting heavy discounts on many gadgets. However, there is plain list of devices that you must not get. These include Karma Drones, Nikon’s Consumer-friendly 360 cameras, FitBit and Blaze smartwatch. These have been listed in the failure of 2016. In addition, you must not get any android device this year. Coming year will welcome foldable or flexible Android device. For the time being, don’t invest in something that would be soon outdated.
  3. Avoid getting into Scams: Various advertisements with heavy discount and other enticing offers appear on special occasions. Never fall for them, especially when they aren’t offered by an authentic portal. Crooks use it as a trick to trap innocent users.
  1. Avoid using unprotected computers: We have all witnessed myriad Ransomware attacks this year. Typically, cyber criminals inflict systems via malicious advertisement, spam emails, some vulnerability in system or an app/program etc. This can also be an event for another Ransomware author to come up with a ‘Christmas special Ransomware’. Make sure you aren’t using any unsafe website or have any outdated program on your computer. Perhaps, you must take a secure backup of your data and settle up with ‘Merry Merry Christmas’. 
  1. Avoid using Public Wi-Fi: If you’re planning to hop for online shopping, then must not make any deal when connected with public Wi-Fi. Public Wi-Fi connections are at times trap by cyber criminals to induce you in it. They take blueprint of your online activities and persuade you in their gambit. Further, you must make sure that no bank details are ever transmitted when connected with Public Wi-Fi. 

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