Take pleasure at your risk; Pornography users are new target of Ransomware

Pornography users have been the easiest targets for malware. Malware is a program designed to lock user’s system and steal sensitive information from it. Ransomware is a new and sophisticated malware introduced to extort money from the users in exchange of unlocking the system. Ransomware locks the system and demands a ransom to unlock the system.

How compromised sites become a source of ransomware attack?

Ransomware injects system when users watch porn sites. While users browse, a dialog box appears asking users to download the video player to get exclusive access to pornography downloads.     Once the video player gets installed, it identifies the location of users and shows them a web page with the warning in their language.  The warning is like this:

            “Attention! Your system has been locked up for safety reasons.  All the files present in the system have been encrypted. The fake message states that users’ internet address has been tracked by FBI or the Department of Justice’s Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section in charge of being associated with child pornography sites or other illegal online activity.

To unlock the machines, users will be required to pay ransom money via Bitcoin or prepaid money card service.”

 Another common method seen to target user’s computer is through various links and pop-ups showing the message that “you are the lucky visitor who has got the privilege to visit some country”, or “you have won amount (mentioned), click to claim”.

 These type of links when accessed start downloading some software on its own and  at the end, user get to know that his computer has been compromised due to Ransomware attack.

 The company BitDefender on this instance said that the new malware introduced is Reveton.  Reveton ransomware affected hundreds of thousands of PCs in 2012 and 2013.

Reveton ransomware does not use the same approach as other malware which spread on downloading the email attachment. Instead, it comes into picture when users access some compromised websites. Once the system gets infected, the system locks immediately and displays a warning. The warning shows the message that user has been found guilty of watching porn sites and is against federal law.

 These type of ransomware attacks have become common because people get frightened with the kind of warning displayed on the screen. The FBI logo, threatening to wipe out the data of computer along with the potential threat of criminal charges, and public humiliation force users to pay the ransom.

But, consider that even on paying the ransom, users may not get their computer unlocked. It is highly recommended by security professionals to not to pay ransom in any case.  This will only encourage attackers to make more users their prey to obtain money.

What should be done to save yourself from ransomware

First of all, don’t panic even if your system has been compromised. Second thing, never pay the ransom. This is so because you might end up loosing data as well as money from your hands.

Users should rather focus on saving data from loss. Prevention from ransomware is better than cure.

Backing up all the data and using a reputed anti-virus software are the easiest and best possible solutions to this problem.

 Use a tool to backup your data automatically on Cloud. Cloud ensures the high-end security of data and offers easy restoration. Right Backup Anywhere can help users out in their difficult times when they might be struggling to get their data back.

Right Backup Anywhere creates the backup of all the data on Cloud automatically. Users need to only specify the time to create backups, rest the app handles.

It offers following features

  • Creating backup of all the data on Cloud
  • Quick restoration
  • Easy access to files
  • In-built scheduler to create backup automatically
  • Anytime, Anywhere Access.

It would be unfortunate to loose the precious data and sensitive information and that too because of Ransomware attack. And much worse it would be when you will have no backup of data.    Use Right Backup Anywhere to save your data from any loss. Avoid visiting compromised websites which are known for phishing and spreading viruses. Don’t click on links randomly and download content only from the reliable source. Stay Safe!

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