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Tech Facts - 2018-12-20

The Most Talked About Technologies

Technology is omnipresent, whether its medical or education, every department is controlled and developed with technology. Although, there have been major reforms and developments that have helped us make our lives more convenient in past few years, Artificial Intelligence and medical studies have seen some major changes in terms of technology. Apart from this, almost…

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Games, Top 10 - 2018-04-01

6 Upcoming VR Games You Must Be Excited About

Virtual Reality (VR) is an approach to simulate the reality and create a vivid experience. It is a computer-generated environment wherein a user is capable of feeling the physical environment of the artificial world that consists realistic images, sounds and other sensations that stimulate a naturalistic view. Virtual Reality effects are created with a VR…

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Uncategorized - 2018-03-26

How Can VR Industry Interest Women?

Virtual Reality is gathering all the hype since last couple years. With $3 billion funding in 2017 and amazing use cases of VR, consumers are actively waiting for VR to reach the mainstream market. But this news does not really interest women. And we’re still struggling to figure out why VR industry has failed to…

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Future Tech - 2017-09-21

Some Surprising Facts about Virtual Reality

Introduction – With all excitement and hype about Virtual Reality, it seems to be one of the most significant technology since the introduction of smartphones. As a matter of fact, it has been here for decades and the advancements has picked up recently because of improvements in both software and hardware. Do you really think…

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Future Tech - 2016-09-02

Reality Wars: Virtual Reality v/s Augmented Reality v/s Holography

As far as Simulated Environment/Reality goes, Microsoft is sitting pretty at the top of the innovations list with ‘HoloLens’. CNet columnist Nick Statt described HoloLens as.. “…a sleek, flashy headset with transparent lenses. You can see the world around you, but suddenly that world is transformed — with 3D objects floating in midair, virtual screens…

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