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Apple News - 2019-03-13

Apple AR Glasses: Everything You Need to Know

Apple AR glasses—yes that’s right! Another milestone which is soon going to be conquered by Apple. Sources have acclaimed that Apple is soon going to begin mass production of AR glasses somewhere around the timeline of the end of 2019 and 2020. These amazing AR powered smart glasses will change everything around us. Apple AR…

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Tech Facts - 2018-12-20

The Most Talked About Technologies

Technology is omnipresent, whether its medical or education, every department is controlled and developed with technology. Although, there have been major reforms and developments that have helped us make our lives more convenient in past few years, Artificial Intelligence and medical studies have seen some major changes in terms of technology. Apart from this, almost…

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Tech News - 2018-03-28

Interesting Facts about Augmented Reality

Introduction We can safely assume that most of you have heard of Augmented Reality and witnessed it, thanks to Pokemon Go. In some of the previous blogs we discussed lot many things about Augmented Reality. What it is, How it works, Challenges, Applications and Applications in Healthcare etc. Now we are here to tell you…

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