Strange Cryptocurrencies You Won’t Believe Exist

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Everyone’s favorite (yet unaffordable by most) cryptocurrency Bitcoin is sure the rage these days with its skyrocketing price. We’re sure that the hype for this non-existent yet pricey currency confuses a lot of people and internet users. However, we still cannot deny the fact that if we ever wish to use cryptocurrency for petty online shopping, bitcoin is something that we wouldn’t choose. But we still cannot thank this digital currency enough for spreading awareness across the globe about this highly floating yet unique digital monetary system. You might have read about plenty of posts about Bitcoin alternatives. But unknown to most there are some weird sounding digital currencies like bitcoin. These are not only in circulation but are used in some innovative ways.

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  • RouletteCoin


As the name suggests, this digital currency is used for one and one purpose only. Yes, it is one of the newest digital monetary systems that is specifically meant for online casinos. While there’s nothing strange about it, the reason that RouletteCoin exists shows the high number of users when it comes to online casinos. Since it’s the only such currency that specifically caters to online casinos, it is certainly safer than usual modes of payment.

  • Ven


While this cryptocurrency is considered as ‘Green’, by no means it can ever be called as weird. It is a digital currency that is used specifically by the members of Hub Culture, that is used for buying various goods, services and resources and is backed up by several precious commodities, floating currencies, oil and other securities. Nevertheless, what makes is more unique that unlike real money the trading of Ven supports the survival of Amazonian rainforests making it one of the eco-friendliest currencies ever.

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  • NyanCoin


We promised weird and it starts with NyanCoin. For those of you who might not be familiar, Nyan Cat was an internet sensation some years ago with an addictively pointless YouTube video. The video showed an 8-bit esque cat with a pop-tart like body that is flying into space shooting rainbow from its rear and a catchy background score running in loop. That doesn’t sound much fun, but it was popular enough to spawn its very own digital currency called ‘NyanCoin’. In fact, NyanCoin was also the world’s first officially licensed cryptocurrency that is 100% legit and in circulation even today.

  • Coinye West


Thank God this currency died out before it became a thing. Unlike the man himself who continues to produce music that is nothing but garbage. Interestingly, the hip-hop sensation (duh) Kanye West had nothing to do with these coins, resulting in a lawsuit that shut the bollocks down for good. Once the legal matters settled down, the creators of Coinye West announced an official shut down and replaced their logo with one featuring Kanye West as a fish (South Park reference).

  • Dogecoin


If Kanye West can run for President and a cat can get is own cryptocurrency, everybody’s favorite Doge certainly deserves its own currency too. And surprisingly, the currency is also a bit hit with internet users. It features the famous ‘Doge’, a Shiba Inu dog that started appearing in memes. Not only it is far cheaper to buy than bitcoin, but is far more efficient and secure. Although this started as a joke currency the huge popularity of the meme, led to its circulation and hit capitalization. It is also easier to mint these as compared to bitcoin, making them easier to procure and use.

  • PotatoCoin


We wanted to end the list with ‘WankCoin’, but that was omitted for obvious reasons and its self-explanatory name. Nevertheless, we still have a potato for you at the end of this post as believe it or not, it is also a cryptocurrency. Also, known as SPUDS, this currency is specifically used for buying, you know, potatoes. The reason the creators chose potato because that’s the staple food in their region and will help towards the improvements of farmers in Africa. It uses 85% of its pre-mine for a trust set up in Africa and directly to the farmers. This is surely no ordinary potato fellas!

The main reason people don’t rely much on these cryptocurrencies is their highly unstable prices and simply because they cannot determine its tangible value. But isn’t that the same with even paper money. As your dollar bills are nothing but promissory notes issued by government that signify a fraction of the funds they claim to have in their treasury. Although we do not want to poke anything at that claim of theirs. But if a simple promise buys stuff, we certainly don’t care if it’s paper or just a figure in your bank account.

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