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Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives, from ordering food to staying connected with friends and family it’s everywhere. Then why don’t we use it to stay focused on our resolutions? Reports show that about 80% of the population forgets their goals by the time February starts.

So, to help you stay motivated by reducing the stress we are listing certain apps that will help you stick to your plans.

These small apps won’t let you deviate from your resolution. With a little help of technology, you can easily bypass the common excuses that don’t let you accomplish what you plan. So, let’s dig in and see what the article has in it for us.

Set and track goals

Happify is an amazing app that helps win over negativity and stress, one thing that’s difficult to deal in today’s time. It is a scientifically designed app to take care of emotional wellbeing. Before you proceed further with it, an assessment test is taken to know your “happiness score.” Making the person aware about their feeling of sadness, stress, anxiety.

The information collected during the test helps app developers to design a specific program to increase happiness. Various games, tools, scientific methods are put in place to achieve happiness in long run. The only thing user has to do is to be positive and stay focused.

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Download app for Android is a complete life changing app that helps to stay focused and achieve mastery. It has a habit tracker which is free and paid coach services that you can choose if looking for an expert by your side. Build a career, get in shape, learn new skills with this amazing app. Not only this, you can set goals, alter careers and can take experts help. A coach and coaching that will always be with you become more succesful.

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Social Fever app is a new entry into goal achieving apps and will help you stay connected with real world. It will make you remember the forgotten interests by helping you prioritize your tasks and reminding you of things you could do in the time saved. The motivational messages shown in notifications are amazing which would make you halt for a second and rethink what you are doing to yourself.

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Saving Money

It is a resolution most of us take each year but are unable to keep it. It is broken the very first day we take it. We all like to spend extravagantly but this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t save. It’s time that we take it seriously and start saving with this new year let try to keep the promise we make.

YNAB is the most popular app that explains the importance of saving money and how to save it. YNAB stand for You Need A Budget meaning save money for the future, by tracking your expenses, making budget, prioritizing, managing spending and cutting down on unnecessary expenses. Plus, it gives suggestions on finance basics. To know more about the app, you can try its trial version and if you like the way it works can go for the paid version.

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Mint A centralized place where you can easily connect all your bank accounts and keep track of expenses. Its primary function is to keep a track of spending that is shown in form of graphs. Apart from it helps to track and pay bills by setting up alerts and reminders. Also keeps a check on your credit score in check.

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Stay Fit

This is something that doesn’t come as a shock as we all talk about staying fit. But it is like a dream we saw at night and forget in the morning. So, this new year let’s make an exception stop thinking about losing weight, getting more active, having a good sleep and eating healthy things just start working on it. Bring a difference to our lives this new year by the help you get from the apps listed below:

myfitnesspal A common calorie-counting apps that makes easy to keep track of all that you eat in a day. The app has a huge library of food items from where you can select the food or can even scan the bar code at the back of the food item (if not in the list). For health conscious people ot even calculates daily intake of vitamins or nutrients making it easy to stay fit, lose weight and take care of overall health. Serious about health this 2018? If yes, you are at the right place it is a wonderful online destination a free website that has a great collection of exercise videos making it easy for you to select which areas you would like to focus on. Also, the online Fitness Blender community lets you post your comments, questions, tips and other details that you want to share with others.

These are most common resolutions that we all take, but there is another one that is becoming common these days i.e. reading. People are getting inclined towards reading to gain knowledge. So, for those who have taken this resolve here are certain apps that will help you achieve what you plan.

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Kindle is an amazing app that helps you buy a book read it and even download it. You can use the app on any of the devices or can use a Kindle device to read books.

Audible: Bored of reading a book want some to read it out for you, why to worry when Audible is here. A whimsical app that finds great books for you and make you listen them, it has a free 30 days trial version.

You must be wondering how these little apps can help but it just the matter of time. Once you use them you will see the difference they will bring to your life. These little pieces of technology show the brighter side of technological advancement that we can use for our own good.

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