Friday Essentials – Spookiest Ways Technology And We Are Evolving Together!

Are You Forgetting Your Existence?

We are proud of the fact that technology is taking us on new highs everyday while bringing us ease and comfort in our day-to-day life. From amazing pastime games to connectivity via social media, instant news pop-ups to guiding our routes during travel, not just technology but we have also evolved around it in an efficient and amazing manner.

But are we sure that technology is always leading us towards positives or there are some drawbacks tagging along? Do you think increased Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or a plethora of applications have leveled up the creative side within? If you are not sure, we can guide you with some bad effects of technology that can make you wonder “Is It Real?” by the end of this blog.

1. Are We Still Creative Enough?

Creative Enough

As we remember the time when buildings like the Taj Mahal, Notre Dame De Paris, or Westminster Palace were constructed, do you ever realize how cool their technology could have been? Oh, my mistake, can you imagine the people of that time being tech-freak? No! Despite having next to no technological help as we have today, those historical masterpieces stand tall in front of us. And now, all we have is people imitating designs borrowed from some site on the internet and ultimately neglecting uniqueness and creativity.

Now we are not saying that looking at multiple other images does not provide you a new design idea but did you just sit alone in a garden with a sketchbook, pencil and observe the details around? Or try to do some brainstorming sessions with your friends rather than searching on Google for new ideas?

The whole point is creativity lag that is tagging along and ‘Out of the box’ seems a difficult task as of now. Researchers say that the creative thinking score of people has fallen to a tremendous level. Now that’s not so cool!

2. Are We Able To Express Emotions Through Texting?

Emotions Through Texting

Texting has indeed solved the task of quick communication. And the presence of so many personalized emojis is cherry on the top. But we are so sure that your real emotions are just not being able to deliver on the other side. Your mind might be tensed over here and heart is crying but your 🙁 emoji is not telling the depth of reality.

Social development has gone poorly and is coming in a negative light while you are still searching for the bad effects of technology on human minds.

3. Are We Getting Tracked?

Getting Tracked

Recently, I searched for the flight from New Delhi to Chennai on Google, the next moment my LinkedIn began to show new jobs in Chennai whereas another ad pop-up was telling about the best food joints in the city. At once, it was shocking like being tracked online but another second there was a realization of smart technology like prediction algorithms.

But you can surely not avoid getting tracked through geotags, search history or browsing is not possible. Many people are getting robbed of money and identity due to our regular updates on social media or frequent online transactions.

4. Playing With Brain Functions

Brain Functions

I have personally met a few people who are running on their everyday route with the help of GPS. That was still not an issue until I was about to ram into another vehicle while not able to manage between the map on my phone and finding the right creeky turn.

It is not that Maps are not great, they are a lifesaver! But again they are stopping the young minds from exploring something amazing ahead of these marked places. If you have not tried trekking in the woods without maps while enjoying nature besides, you have found another spooky and harmful effect of technology.

5. What Happened To Long Peaceful Nights?

Peaceful Nights

A tremendous amount of sleep makes your mind and face fresh, but are we having it nowadays? Watching movies online, chatting with friends without a blue light filter and finally dozing off with stuffed minds is not how peace can be attained.

Plus, changing sleep patterns is one issue we are bloating with now. So yes, you are in a bizarre stage of sleepless nights while reading one of the most harmful effects of mobile phones.

6. Inpatient Enough?

Do you feel irritated when the internet is not working? Or yell on your colleagues when search engines do not bring the Youtube video in a single click? You need to realize that this short-tempered nature is one of the harmful effects of mobile phones or technology these days. We have forgotten the true sense of entertainment and people around us, and relying on an overly activated tech-world that has wrapped up almost completely, make sure it doesn’t engulf us soon.

Break Those Boundaries!

There are other problematic effects that have shown ugly faces in front like

  • Eating while scrolling phone leading to an obese body
  • Change in sleep cycles leading to insomnia
  • Not able to expand the thoughts apart from one single direction.

Do you want yourself to get stuck?

If you are facing the harmful effects of mobile phones and the overall bad effects of technology on your body and mind, we have got you covered.

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We are not blaming technology here, of course, we are also promoting some, it is just a reminder that doesn’t forget to be naturally creative. Think out of the box whenever possible and simply, enjoy your best.

Technology may remain forever but you have only one life to cheer it! 🙂

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