Sony Plans to Let PC Owners Play PS4 Games Soon

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PS4 is one epic gadget to get engaged! It redefines rich and immersive gameplay with powerful graphics and speed. It not only lets you unlock your creativity but also pushes the boundaries of play beyond realms—no wonder why it’s our all-time favorite gaming junction. PS4 is nonetheless but a perfect blend of spectacular gaming experience with a vibrant HDR screening.

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But most of us are still missing out these experiences. Wouldn’t it be convenient if all the PS4 games get available on your lappy? Makes sense right! Yup, you heard that right. Sony has announced plans which will let PC owners play PlayStation4 (PS4) games on your home computer.  It announced the extension to its PlayStation Now streaming service in a blog but gave no date for when the games would be available. It said it would start small-scale trials with some games over the “next few weeks”.

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Brendan Caldwell, writing on the Rock, Paper, Shotgun website, said many gamers were keen to try out PlayStation exclusives such as Resogun, Bloodborne, The Order: 1886 and Horizon: Zero Dawn.

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Although there a few limitations, firstly Sony recommends a minimum broadband speed of 5Mbps for the service. And secondly it comes with an annual subscription cost, which is going to be approximately around £12.99 in UK, and $19.99 in US. The organization has already cautioned the gamers to try the service before they buy the subscription, as it requires fast net-connection speeds for smooth functioning and better gaming experience.

Hold your heartbeats gamers! A good news is that the invitations to the tests and trials would be going out to a few active subscribers very soon.

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