Some Cool Inventions You can Order Now on Amazon – Part 2

Amazon has got more than a bagful of surprises for you. Continuing from where we left off, here’s taking another look at a few more gadgets and gizmos – listed on  Amazon – that makes common but not so easy tasks such as pouring wine without removing the cork, waking up with the first alarm ring, quite achievable.

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1. Pivotal Living band –

pivotal living band

This is a fitness band which does more than just counting your steps and monitoring your calorie intake. It uses a precise 3-axis accelerometer sensor to capture and record motion data. Along with the tracking of steps taken, it also monitors your calories burned, distance travelled, body weight and hydration values. If you wear them while sleeping, it records sleep patterns, duration and quality. It wakes you peacefully through vibrations. There is also a setting of intelligent alarm which wakes you during your lightest sleep cycle. Get here

2. Flic button –


Flic is a smart switch that shifts the control of devices from the smartphones to the click of the button. The future is about IoT devices, where everything would be controlled by your mobile phones rather than your switches. But taking out the phone every time you need to operate a device is a bit troublesome as it would need you to always keep your phone with you. Flic buttons provide a solution for that. It lets you control and operate all the apps and features of your smartphone. Flic is designed with a silicone cover which can withstand any weather conditions, making it fit for outdoor usage too. Order Here

3. Kolibree –


Artificial Intelligence combined in an electric toothbrush! Not just that, it even helps to teach your child the right way of brushing. The benefit for parents is that it comes with a smartphone app in which you can track the health of your child’s teeth. Some of the features of Kolibree are as below: Order Now.

  1. It has the 3-D motion sensors, accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer in order to monitor the brush movements.
  2. It connects and synchronizes with the phone using Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Technology.
  3. It captures the data offline regarding the date, time, duration and zones brushed.
  4. Brushing data is updated on the Kolibree app.
  5. Weakly reports are emailed regarding the quality of brushing.
  6. Kolibree app is available both on Apple Store and Google Play.

    4. Signal vault –

Signal Vault

We are living in a small digital world, with lot of cyber crimes going around the world. Hence, it necessitates that we should increase the protection of our digital wallets i.e. our Credit and Debit Cards. Signal Vault is based on the RFID Blocking Technology which protects your digital wallets from getting hacked. Any credit card within the 10mm E-field of the Signal Vault makes the information of your card invisible to the Card Readers. Every wallet needs two signal vault cards and all the digital cash cards should be kept in between these 2 Security cards. These security cards function without batteries or charging. It comprises a microchip which on detection of any scanner nearby generates the white noise for masking the secret info on your credit and debit cards invisible to the reader. The signal blocking component gives you Dual Stage protection. Order Now.

5. Neato Botvac Robot Vacuum –

neato botvac connected robot vacuum

This invention is for those who hate vacuum cleaning. It is a robotic wi-i connected vacuum cleaner. It is the most powerful, versatile and smartest solution for cleaning the floors automatically. It has a precise Laser Smart navigation which helps it to detect the presence of furnitures or pets on the floor. The robotic cleaner is of D-Shape which helps it to reach the dirt hidden in the corners. It has potent suction and precision brushes which works with all types of floor and leaves the floor immaculately clean. Neato also has an app for smartphones in order to control the cleaning of the floors from anywhere. It is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant. Order Now.

6. Quirky Vine Stop –

Vine Stop

Quirky Vine Stop is the solution for storing the wine bottles in refrigerators. The Vine Stop with its smart design is used for covering the wine bottles and hence, makes it easy to store them in the fridge on their sides. Not just this it also prevents the wine from spilling. The Vine Stop is chrome plated which give sit a distinguished look and the silicone stopper seals the bottle of volume 750ml and other larger sizes. Order Now.

7. Satechi USB portable Humidifier –

portable humidifier

Your humidifier goes wherever you go and keeps your space humidified as per your choice. And the best part is that you don’t need to carry a water tank for it and it works with the USB cable power. Fill a water bottle with purified water and attache the Satechi Humidifier on it instead of the bottle cap. Make sure the filter is submerged. To start the humidifier plug it in with the USB cable for instant comfort. It works for 8 hours at a stretch. You can alo add liquid fragrances or essential oils to water to make it work as Aroma Diffuser and to achieve a relaxing environment. Order Now.

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8. Clocky Alarm Clock –

Clocky Alarm Clock

If you go by  my liking, this one is the most crazy invention in the list. An alarm clock that makes you run behind it. Clocky Alarm clock never lets you oversleep. You can snooze this clock only once. On the second alarm the clock would jump off the nightstand and will run around the room as if trying to find a place to hide. The alarm ringtone is of robotic pattern R2D2. You can think of it like a pet, whose duty is to wake you up in the morning. The settings in it would let you select if the alarm will jump off at the first alarm or after the first snooze. You can even select if you don’t want the clock to run away any morning. It has a backlight to help you trace it at night. Order Now.

9. Projectables Night Light –

Projectable night light

This night light has dual function of light sensing night light guide and images projector. Jasco is giving the night lights a completely new look. These night lights have long-life LED Lights, which are commonly used in all home lights today. But the other features embedded in it make all the very different. The other features are. Order Now

  1. Light Sensing system which turns off the light at dawn.
  2. Projects the 3 Feet image on the wall, ceiling or floor of solar system, sea world, barbie world and much more.
  3. Provides a soothing guide light at night.
  4. It comes in many varieties which you can see at this link.

Let us know which of these inventions would you like to buy by commenting below !

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