Some Cool Inventions You can Order Now on Amazon – Part 1

Introduction –

Thomas Edison once said,

“To invent you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.”

We have gone through many newly invented gadgets in some of my previous blogs about Student Gadgets, Professional Gadgets, Office Gadgets and Futuristic Home Gadgets. Many of those inventions are still in their development stage, while some are raising funds for production through preorders. However, there are still some, which we have not talked about yet and are available on the Amazon store.

List of Cool Inventions on Amazon –

1. Self cleaning water garden fish tank


Back to Roots has given an option to grow herbs inside your very home. This has been achieved by redesigning the traditional 3 gallon aquarium. It is a self-cleaning fish tank that lets you grow organic sprouts and herbs. The science behind this mini aquaponic tank is the fish’s waste naturally fertilizes the plants above and hence the plants are cleaning the water for the fishes. Hence, it makes it a Closed Loop Sustainable Ecosystem.

2. Coravin Wine system


All wine bottles come sealed with Cork. And once the cork is removed it becomes necessary for us to finish the wine as soon as possible, as the oxidation of the wine changes the taste of it. Coravin C1000 is the perfect tool to have just one glass of wine without pulling of the cork and exposing the rest of the wine to oxygen.

The Coravin System inserts a thin, hollow needle through the cork of the bottle. It is then pressurized with Argon and the wine flows through the needle. After pouring the wine, the needle is removed and the cork is resealed. It is not good to be used with synthetic closures as it is difficult to reseal them completely.

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3. Fiftythree digital pencil stylus


We all know that pencils are the best tool for drawing and creating ideas. Pencils by Fiftythree is best tool for creating great pictures on your iPad, iPad-Pro, iPad-Mini and iPhones. It is enabled with the Advanced technology that keeps you in flow without needing to switch tools. The large and wide rubber tip is very accurate from every angle and for sizes of lines. The back of the pencil stylus has a built-in eraser which gives you the freedom of making mistakes and lets you correct them. The best benefit is that you could even make use of fingers for smoothing the rough edges and blend colors directly on the page.

4. Sugru Moldable Glue


Sugru is the newest forms of mouldable glue which is designed for fixing, making and improving your stuff. The glue has various out of the world features like it sticks to any surface, it is waterproof, flexible and can bear with wide range of temperatures from hot to cold. Sugru can help you fix and stick lots of stuff in very simple steps. Just stick it around the objects and then build, seal, fix, create and stick the objects. And to do that you have only 30 minutes. After 24 hours the glue will turn into a durable, flexible silicone rubber that keep objects stuck unless you remove it.

5. Pet net smart feeder


We always worry about our pets when they are alone at home. The best nutrition is the one which is observed by the caretaker itself. Hence, Petnet gives you a smart feeder for your pets which can be controlled by the iPhone app. The Smart Feeder will help you manage feeding times, portion sizes, proper ingredients and online ordering of your pet’s food. The Petnet App helps you to keep a look at your pet’s food. Smart Feeder decides about the food portions by taking the inputs of your pet’s age, weight, and level of activity.

6. Lumo lift posture coach and activity tracker


Maintaining a good posture is helpful in lot many ways. Due to the hassles of daily life we almost ignore our postures. Lumo has invented a device which would take care of it instead of you on your busy schedules. Lumo Lift is a small and lightweight device which you can wear it as fashion accessory or just hide it. It gives you vibrational reminders whenever you start to slouch. It comes with a smartphone app compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Desktop. You can keep a check on the posture hours, steps taken, distance travelled and calories burned through this app on your smartphone.

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7. BB-8 Droid


BB-8 is the app enabled Droid for all the people who loved Star Wars and with this they can explore the Star Wars Galaxy in their homes. The robotic droid has an adaptive personality that changes as you advance in the games. This droid can show various types of expressions and can even respond to your voice commands. There is a patrol mode in which Droid explore things on its own.

Some unique features are –

  1. Authentic Movement
  2. Listens and Responds to your voice
  3. Holography Technology is used for recording, sending and viewing virtual holographic videos with BB-8 droid.
  4. Autonomous Behavior as it has mind of its own.

8. Eero Home


EERO’s is the first WIFI System which assures that the internet signal is present in every corner of your home. It comes in the set of 3 which works in perfect unison to provide a hyper-fast, super-stable WiFi in all the rooms of your home. Eero uses the mesh routing algorithms and TrueMesh Software in order to accomplish it’s task. It is the best example of next generation wireless mesh technology.

It is very easy to setup Eero Home. Simply plug one device of eero into your home modem. Other eeros just need the power from the standard outlet. These automatically connect to each other to create a single wireless mesh network for your home. With the smartphone app you can manage your entire home Wi-Fi network.

9. Automatic Device links your car with phone

automatic_device_for cars

It is an adapter which can be plugged into any car and can help you decode the hidden data of your car’s onboard computer like engine problems, mileage and call for help in a crash. All the information about the car’s health could be viewed in the iPhone and Android App. The dongle or adaptor uses Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy to connect and transmit data to your smartphone. The app alerts the driver if the fuel is being wasted through rough braking, speeding and rapid acceleration through some subtle audio messages. The app can also send crash alert to your family.

Well, the list of cool inventions to purchase doesn’t end here. We would add more such inventions in our next blog, so stay tuned and subscribe to our posts.


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    wow these inventions are pretty cool. I absolutely love the idea of the self-cleaning fish tank 🙂

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