Snapchat Now Allows You to Search Over Millions of Stories

A delightful news for Snapchat lovers, the company recently launched a new search tool which allows users to search from over a million unique snap stories—from local basketball games to weekly fashion week, there’s a story for everything and everyone! The enhanced search could be a huge boon to brands, businesses and influencers hoping to build their Snapchat audience.

A few days back, social media giant Facebook unveiled “Facebook Stories” section (Clone to Snapchat Stories) in the new Facebook Camera feature which allows you to add effects to your photos and videos. Hence, Snapchat just pumped its game by rolling out this advanced search option by which you can view public content posted around the world.

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Your Story—Our Story

The “Our Story” option is derived from Snap’s widely-copied “Stories” feature, will allow users to share their content publicly. The “Our Story” is a slideshow of user content that disappears after 24 hours, same as “My Story” works. “Our Story” allows users to post their Snaps to a larger public audience, as an attempt to broaden apps appeal. Here’s how it works!

share your story on snapchat

The search process stays quite the same. All you need to do is tap on the search icon, and there you’ll see a collection of top stories from around the world.  It’s easy to join the club! Simply take a Snap and add it to Our Story! You might see it included in relevant Stories depending on what you’re Snapping.

share story on snapchat

So, now whenever you feel like catching up with the high school baseball game you missed or the latest looks from a Fashion Week anywhere around the world, you can look for it directly in your Snapchat account, instead of trying your luck on search engines.

Start searching friends. You never know how deep and dark this rabbit hole might be!

Happy-Snapping J

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