Smart Gadgets For Professionals

In this blog, as the title defines, we would list 10 smart gadgets which could be of great help to Professionals and to individuals who go on a lot of business trips. Well, non-working people don’t get sad. Even you can buy these gadgets for yourself what if you don’t have an office, even our homes need to look beautiful and high-tech in the present times. Moreover, we all have a Fashionista hidden inside us, so you can surely gift yourself with it.

List of Gadgets for Professionals:-

  1. Wocket Smart Wallet –

Have you ever found it difficult to maintain and keep all those n number of cards that you use in your day to day life? Some of us would have lost one or two of the cards during a business trip. Keeping all your cards secure when on a trip is the most cumbersome. Wocket has designed a smart wallet for all the professionals to replace your old wallet. It even helps you to secure the information of all your credit, debit, loyalty, membership, passwords, insurance, medical information and lots more. It replaces your wallet with a single card and interchangeable accessories to carry cash and other essentials. It also has an app for managing for Wocket which is compatible with both mobiles and desktops. Features of Wocket Wallet and a Wocket card:


  1. Extra Card Slot
  2. Stitched Leather
  3. Emulates Any Card
  4. Smart Swipe Technology
  5. Physical Signature Strip

Something about the functioning of the Wocket Wallet:

  1. Categorize all your cards
  2. E-Paper LCD for Scanning Barcodes
  3. Securely store all your passwords
  4. Unlock with your pin or Voice Match
  5. Encrypts your cards and data securely
  1. SolPro Charger –

Smartphones are an indispensable part of us and keeping them charged is equally important. I know we have portable battery chargers. But how about going more green, which actually a new motto for the energy industry. Hence, here we have Solpro Helios Smart a solar powered smart charger with a tri-fold solar panel array. The charger’s internal battery will be charged in 90 minutes if it is kept in direct sunlight and it can charge the phone completely for once.


It has two USB output ports and one USB input port. The internal battery of it could be charged by the micro USB port.

  1. Primera Trio All-in-one Printer –

Printing task could come up at any time. And you always don’t have printer around you. How about if we had a printer of Laptop’s size which we could carry with us wherever we go. It could actually be of great help to business people. The Primera Trio is 3 in 1 portable printer not just prints your documents but could also do the copying and scanning tasks. It is the smallest and lightest portable printer with a size of hardcover book and weighing only 1.2 Kg.


  1. Flapit Counter –

It could be rightly depicted as a Social Media Counter. It could be a good electronic accessory for your office reception. It could help you display anything of your choice and could even help you boast of your Social media presence to the customers coming to your office.

The display of the counter is controlled through the FlapIt’s Website. So, just connect your FlapIt with your phone or computer network. FlapIt helps you show off your twitter and Instagram followers or ratings on Yelp to your customers.


  1. iRobot Ava 500 –

There are plenty of Tele-presence robots in the market at present, but iRobot’s new AVA 500 comes out to be the best option. It is ideal when freedom of movement and physical presence is needed in more locations than possible for you to be at the same time for a globally dispersed workforce. Some of the examples include:


  1. Collaboration with the team members in the remote location
  2. Mobile presence to the manufacturing locations, labs, customer experience centers and supply chain facilities for inspections.
  3. Gives a more interactive and personal touch to remote location training and presentations.
  4. Helpful for the managers of satellite teams to be able to attend all the team members personally.
  1. Lenovo Think Pad Stack –

Every company is making their laptops slimmer and smaller in size than before to make them more portable. But have you ever given a thought that at what cost this is being achieved. By stripping out some features and diminishing some of their capabilities. Hence, you have less number of ports, small speakers and a small hard drive. Too much for the portability. But now no more compromise because of Lenovo’s new product ThinkPad Stack. It is the most compelling PC accessory ideas, which are sold separately with similar desktop footprints and designs. It’s more like every individual accessory comes in an individual box and could be stacked together through magnetic couplers. And the stack could connected to the ThinkPad Lenovo Laptops to extend its capabilities. Some of these boxy accessories present in the market are


  1. Bluetooth Speaker
  2. 1TB External Hard Disk
  3. Power Bank for extra battery life
  4. Access point for sharing your Wi-Fi signal.
  5. Mobile Projector
  1. Knomad Mini by Knomo –

In this modern era travelers not just travel with their Passports, tickets or money, we take more devices with us that ever before. Hence, we need something which could make it easy for us keep all these things handy and managed. Knomo Knomad Mini not just gives the space for all of these but also a space to add high powered battery. You can keep your phone and an 8-inch tablet. On the other side there are some elasticated loops to keep earphones, a charging cable and USB stick.


  1. Kosmos – an award winning pen –

It is an award winning pen that combines a revolutionary new mechanism with the most intuitive and minimal design. The best part of the pen is it is easy to use with only one hand. The magnetic forces inside the pen holds the cap safely in idle and writing position.


The design of the pen is based on a universal pattern of nature called the Golden Ratio. It has the simplest way to get the pen ready for writing by just shifting the cap.

  1. IS/CC Camera Cover –

It is the world’s thinnest and most ergonomic seamless mechanical webcam privacy cover for the cameras of your intelligent devices. It provides you with 100% privacy and security from the camera espionage. It helps you to check that your camera is not disobeying your remoteness. This cover is thinner than a credit card. This cover is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and laptops.



  1. Yubico FIDO Security Key –

At the present time, when cybercrime is taking new forms and shapes every day, we all afraid about our accounts getting hacked, our systems getting phished, passwords being stolen and  lots more. Especially when we our systems connected to some local area networks and we think twice before logging into our personal social accounts. Yubico has developed a FIDO U2F Security Key, which relies on high-security, public-key cryptography. The features that makes it a worth buying product is its durability, small size, easy to use and works with any USB port. One other advantage of it is it works with all the websites which support FIDO U2F protocol. The working of it is as follows:


  1. Enter your username and password in the login field of any website that supports FIDO U2F
  2. Insert your Yubico Security Key in a USB port with the golden color touch pad facing upwards
  3. Simply touch the golden button on the Yubico Security Key to generate the secured login credentials.

The best part as per me of all the above gadgets is just that they don’t alter much of your working style, instead they provide you the facility to be more mobile regarding your work. Not just that, the last gadgets in the list also provides you with an added security and privacy. Well, that I is truly like a blessing in this high cyber-crime time. Let me know how you feel about the gadgets through the comments below.

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