Smart Windows 10 Features You Should Try Now!

Windows 10 already comes with different inbuilt features which are helpful for general use. However, due to lack of information, users are unable to take advantage of those features. As compared to the previous version like Windows Vista, 7, etc. Windows 10 is completely different in many ways. It not only provides a very easy platform to perform multiple tasks but is also equipped with more advanced security features.

Here you can find some amazing Windows 10 features which you should try on your Windows 10 computer regularly so that you can manage your system as well as work in an organized way.

1. Backup Using File History

You should backup your important files available on your PC. If you do not take a backup, then you stand a risk of losing all your important files, to malicious programs or hardware failure of your system. Luckily, Windows 10 has a feature of automatic backup, which can backup your data on other drives (both internal and external) whichever you select to do so.

bakcup using file history windows 10

To use this feature firstly go to Control Panel and click on File History; now Turn on the File History feature.

backup on off

Once you Turn on File History, then go to Settings and click on Update & Security > Backup, from here enable the option Automatically backup my files. Also, you can manage the backup as per your choice by clicking on More Options.

2. Multiple Sign-In Options

Are you bored with the traditional sign-in method on your Windows 10 PC? If you are bored of using long passwords while signing to the Windows 10, then make it interesting by opting other methods.

This Windows 10 feature provides different login options such as Picture Password and PIN.

multiple sign in option windows 10

To setup any of these options just go to Settings and click on Accounts > Sign-in options, from here just choose any of these options and follow the on-screen instructions to setup.

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3. Dynamic Lock

How would you feel if you go away from your Windows 10 PC and it gets automatically locked so that no one can access it? Isn’t it a cool feature…?

Dynamic Lock is a security feature in Windows 10, in which you just need to pair your Bluetooth enabled cell phone with your PC. Now if you suddenly go away from your PC by taking your phone with you and your PC loses the connection with your phone, then it will automatically get locked after 30 seconds.

For laptop users, it is easy to utilize this feature, as they already have Bluetooth installed in the machine. However, if you own a Desktop computer and don’t have inbuilt Bluetooth installed, then you will have to purchase a Bluetooth device/dongle to use this feature. Go for this Windows 10 feature.

dynamic lock in windows 10

To setup Dynamic Lock feature, simply open Settings and click on Devices > Bluetooth and other devices and from here you need you pair your Bluetooth enabled phone with your PC. Once you are done with the pairing, again go to Settings and click on Accounts > Sign-in options and from here check mark the option available under Dynamic Lock and you are ready to use this feature.

4. Storage Sense

Storage sense is a smart Windows 10 feature where you do not need to manually clean the junks, temporary files and Recycle Bin files. Windows will automatically clean it after every 30 days. This will keep your system optimized and you can concentrate on your own work.

storage sense in windows 10

To enable this feature just to go to Settings and click on System > Storage, from here just enable Storage Sense option. So, you always have an automatic storage cleaning option available on your Windows 10 PC.

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5. Multiple Virtual Desktops

If your desktop window is full of different running applications and file windows and instead of closing them if you want to have a new desktop window, then it is possible in Windows 10. Many users are already aware of this feature and you can also take benefit of virtual desktop windows.

virtual desktop in windows 10

To use this, simply press Win and Tab keys together and click on New Desktop from below right corner. Now enjoy virtual desktop to run more programs.

So, these are some smart and important Windows 10 features, which you should try to manage your daily tasks easily. If you try any of these features, then share your experience in the comments section below.

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