Sling TV Vs DirecTV Now: Which Cable TV Alternative is Best and Will Help Save Your Money

Whether you want to escape from the monthly cable and satellite TV bills? Or want to get rid of channel bundle frustration? You must be looking for an alternative.

We understand this, therefore, here we will do a quick comparison between the two most popular live TV streaming services Sling TV by Dish and DirecTV by AT&T.

For better understanding, we will be dividing the comparison into different categories.

Sling TV VS DirecTV Now – Live TV Streaming Services

Pros and Cons – Sling TV and DirecTV Now

Sling TV


Great offers for new subscribers
Affordable price
Best for people who love sports

Channel lineup is confusing

DirecTV Now


Premium channels included
Great Offline viewing

 Cloud DVR is limited



Price comparison Sling TV VS DirecTV Now

Both live TV streaming services are owned by satellite TV companies: Dish and AT&T respectively. Yet there’s a difference when it comes to price and channels they offer. For some, this might be not good but for those who are looking for saving money and want to watch limited channels, this is great.

Sling TV pricing and plans

Plans Plan Pricing Monthly Number of Channels
Sling Orange $ 25 30+
Sling Blue $ 25 41+
Sling Orange & Blue $ 45 50+


AT&T TV NOW prices and plans

Plans Subscription Charges Number of Channels
PLUS $ 65 45+
MAX $ 80 60+
CHOICE $ 110 85+
XTRA $ 124 1050+
ULTIMATE $ 135 125+
OPTIMO MÁS $ 86 90+


Sling TV comes with three plans – Sling Orange and Sling Blue for $25, and a combination of two for $ $45 monthly. Each plan offers a different set of channels; however, you may see a repetition of some channels.

Where Sling Blue gives more channels Sling Orange is good for those who love sports. Moreover, you can buy add-on plans to get more channels it starts at $5 monthly.

On the other hand AT &TV Now offers price plans that start from $50 and above. This is similar to cable and satellite TV plans. However, if you are an HBO fan then DirecTV cable TV alternative will be your choice as its Plus plan includes HBO.

But paying $50 monthly for HBO and cloud DVR is more if you want to cut down on your TV spending. Therefore here, Sling TV is the winner.

Channels – Sling TV VS DirecTV Now

Channels Sling TV DirecTV Now
A&E Yes No
Discovery Yes Yes
E! Yes No
Food Network Yes No
AMC Yes No
Bravo Yes Yes
ESPN Yes Yes
Fox News No Yes
Disney Channel Yes Yes
HBO No Yes
Nickelodeon No Yes
NFL Network No No
NFL Sunday Ticket No No
Cozi TV No No


Basic plans offered by Sling TV Orange and Blue give different channels at a cost if $25 each. If you want more channels you can go with Sling Orange & Blue a bundle of both. But remember, you cannot get channels like HBO, ABC, CBS for any price like on Sling TV. Also, the availability of Fox and NBC depends on your location.

Sling TV VS DirecTV

Whereas DirecTV Now, offers missing and add on channels in its base plan. The only thing that is missing is NFL Network. This clearly explains who the winner is here. If you want more channels and are okay spending $50 and more DirecTV is the best live streaming service for it and is the winner.

Cable TV Alternative

Supported Devices Sling TV VS DirecTV Now

If you can watch only a handful of channels then having a cable TV alternative, a live TV streaming service is of no use. Both Sling TV and AT&TV Now supports a number of devices you can live stream content on.

Sling TV supports Apple TV, Roku, iOS, Amazon FireTV, Chromecast, XboxOne, AirTV Player, AndroidTV, Android, Windows, LG, Chromecast, Samsung, Oculus, Portal, and Samsung.

Supported Devices Sling TV VS DirecTV Now

While DirecTV supports Apple TV, Apple TV 4K, Amazon Fire TV 2nd generation and higher, Amazon Fire TV Edition Smart TV 2nd generation and higher, Amazon Fire TV Cube, Amazon Fire TV Stick 2nd generation and higher, Chromecast, Samsung Smart TV, iOS, Android, Chrome, Safari, Roku device

In this category, as both are more, or less equal Sling TV and DirecTV live streaming services are the winner.

Features, User experience, Sound and Picture Quality Sling Tv Vs DirecTV Now

Since Sling TV does not have the usual grid-style interface it is easy to use and is kind of addictive. But this is the biggest drawback as this cable TV alternative does not give good experience with a bigger screen. This means if you watch the content on 50 inches or bigger screen video quality will be compromised. Another disadvantage is audio quality. The on-demand content is available in 5.1 surround sound. However, live TV channels are streamed in stereo. This is fine when you are using it on a smartphone however it will be a disappointment when you will use it in a home theatre.

In this area, AT&TV Now got lucky as it offers great picture quality on all platforms. Its interface is compatible with both big and small screens. Overall with its bold graphics, it makes navigation easy. Moreover, it provided Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 for both on-demand and live TV channels. This makes DirecTV Now and the indisputable winner.

Stream Sling TV VS DirecTV Now

If you are looking for a cable TV alternative, live TV streaming service that offers streaming on more than one device Sling TV might disappoint you. Sling Orange allows streaming on one device at a time. If you go with Sling Blue, you can stream 3 and with Sling Orange and Blue 4. Not only this Sling TV does not offer any offline viewing.

On the other hand, DirecTV irrespective of the plan gives 2 simultaneous viewings. For a price of $5 monthly, you can add one more device. Also, you get offline viewing with AT&TV Now.

Bottom Line

If you are okay comprising with the channels nothing can be better than Sling TV, however, if you are looking for premium channels AT&TV Now is the best.  We prefer Sling TV because it comes at a lesser price and offers sports programming, frequent deals.

This is all for now. Do let us know which one you prefer and why.

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