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The browser-based Skype interface was deprived of many features till now. But finally, it’s time to welcome the changes. Skype service owned by Microsoft has been loaded up with new features in its Web version. The Skype for Web has landed up with the bundle of features to make calls to the mobile phones and landline, facility to watch YouTube video without loading it in another browser, and most interesting, those who do not use Skype can be added quickly to conversations on Skype!

Skype for Web

What’s New with Skype for Web?

Let’s get straight to the new stimulating features of Skype. Check out now!

  • Perhaps, this is the most important feature added up which allows users to make calls to landlines and mobile phones.

If you are aware that how international calling works on Skype’s smartphone and desktop apps, you will find this feature easy to use. Sign in to skype for Web; simply click on new “Call Phones” tab, select your destination and dial the number you want to call.

However, the user will need Skype credit or a subscription to make the international calls through it. But still, it is affordable as compared to the conventional call rates of mobile phones.


New in Skype for Web

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  • Another feature which is improvised is the way YouTube video links used to appear in the chat.

Now, the user will be able to watch the video directly on the Skype for Web page, rather than opening the video in another browser.


Skype New Features

  • In the series of new features, this feature will allow the user to keep receiving notifications even if he is not currently active on Skype for web conversation but he is signed in.

Then, in that case, he will be able to obtain notifications when someone sends him an IM, calls him or sends him a picture, video or other links. One more feature has been added to the suite, which will help in adding those people in conversation even those who do not have an account on Skype.


Skype Video Call Features

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  • The process of creating a chat includes pressing a button “new” followed by “share conversation”. This will generate an exclusive URL, which can be sent to the person as an invitation to join the chat.

This feature helps at those times when the user has an account on Skype but at the present time, he may not be using his own desktop which consists of the installed Skype app. So, he can use that system also which does not have Skype app installed in it to carry out conversations!


Free Skype Video Call


As a whole, the improved features of Skype for web will make user’s experience a better one. So, gear up yourself to try out the new features of Skype for Web!

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