Should you upgrade to Windows 10?

PCs of Windows 7/8/8.1 users are blinking with the new “Get Windows 10” advertisement asking them to “reserve” their free upgrade to the OS. They can then make their systems ready to download the new OS and get their hands on it from day one. The return of the iconic Start menu, an overhauled browser “Edge”, and a free upgrade, Windows 10 seems to have enough features to keep the buzz around it going. But is it worth to upgrade to the new Windows 10? Let’s analyze its features:


  1. Start menu is back
    Ever since the Windows OS has taken birth, the start menu hasn’t changed position until Windows 8 rolled out. Now that Windows 10 is out, the start menu is back. Microsoft failed to convince its users that the Windows 8 start menu UI is equally good for keyboard and mouse. As a result, naive users and other regular windows’ users downgraded from 8 to 7. Users can now resize the start menu dynamically with all live and general tiles shifting and adjusting accordingly. Users are not bound to stick to one size of the start menu.
  2. Task View
    A new task view button is introduced here which improves the multitasking experience. A user can switch to different desktops using windows + tab and switch to other tasks using alt + tab alternatively. This task view button is placed on the taskbar near the windows icon.
  3. Charms bar laid off
    For those who do not know what a charms bar is, it is that overlay on the right side of the screen used to access search, settings, share etc. So finally it is being waved off in the 10 release, instead a search icon is provided in the taskbar.
  4. Cortana
    We all love talking to technology, don’t we? Wait for Cortana, your personal digital assistant. “Hey Cortana, set an alarm for 8:00 AM tomorrow”, “take a note” are basic commands. You can even say to her, “Remind me to wish my wife happy birthday tomorrow”.
  5. Multiple Virtual Desktops
    For power users and enterprise, this feature will prove to be the best one in the lot. Users can switch to many desktops as per their convenience. This is a built-in feature in Windows 10 which was previously present through third party tools.
  6. Microsoft Edge
    Internet Explorer is no more the default browser, Microsoft Edge replaces it. Being a lightweight web browser including annotation tools and a reading mode, this web browser meets the standards of all modern browsers existing today.
  7. Better Gaming Experience
    If you’re a gaming freak, you’ll love this integration of Windows 10 with the Xbox app. With Windows 10, you can easily play multiplayer games by streaming them from the console to the PC. Cool, isn’t it?


  1. Faster in Speed
    If you haven’t tried Windows 8 or 8.1 yet, you’ve missed out the amazing startup speed that’s been bothering you in the former versions. But don’t worry, Windows 10 is even better than 8 and 8.1 at startup. Not just startup, but the overall performance is speedy too.
  2. Security
    The Secure Boot feature of Windows 8 is now inherited in Windows 10 which makes the OS more secure. Brand new security features in the new OS are Device Guard, Microsoft Passport & Windows Hello.
  3. Better Browser
    With the introduction of Edge, Microsoft replaces the OS’s default browser. That means improved speed, compatibility and performance.
    While Windows 10 has announced ample of new features with an eye catchy UI, it has a number of drawbacks too, that may prevent a user to upgrade it to 10 right now.


  1. No Automatic Update for Windows 10 Home users
    Until now, Microsoft has been highlighting its new features in the market, keeping the limitations of it in silent mode, which majorly includes the automatic update for Windows 10 Home users. Though Automatic Updates will be readily available to the Pro and Enterprise editions, Home users will be forbidden from it.
  2. No “Hearts” & “Windows Media”
    Windows 10 users will have to bid adieu to some of the software like Windows Media Center and the much known card game Hearts.
  3. DVD watching not easy anymore
    A separate playback software will be required for watching DVD’s. It’s no more direct.
  4. Cortana not everyone’s assistant
    Cortana, a personal digital assistant will only be available to users of a few countries like US, Canada, UK and some more.
  5. Detailed System Requirements
    Yes, the configurations are a bit high for 64-bit versions at least. 1GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, a display resolution of 800 x 600 will make us think twice to upgrade.

Final Verdict:
If you’re a basic Home user, there’s no reason not to upgrade to Windows 10. If you can adapt to minor changes, go for it. But remember that this version of Windows 10 isn’t final yet. DirectX 12 and more features are yet to be added in a few weeks. So stay tuned for the upcoming release. Make your PC ready for it!

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