Shopping For Christmas? Watch Out For These Scams

There is nothing better than festive season for scammers. They make lots of money during Christmas season since a lot of money is spent online during this time. This makes perfect opportunity for fraudsters to make money scamming shoppers.

During Christmas shopping spree people should be self-aware so that they can avoid being scammed and enjoy their Christmas season.

Scams to look out for:

Online Shops Scam:

online shop scam


During shopping seasons, many fake online shops emerge. Purpose of these kind of shops is to take money from users and get away with it. They often send spam emails and wait for the users to click on them. They usually give the deals that are too good to be true.

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Fake websites are often designed badly and do not provide any information about themselves.  Users should double check before clicking on the popups and purchase any item from them.



Scammers calls, send a text and email messages to users. On the call, they ask for user’s account information posing as legitimate organizations. Once they get the required information they use it for stealing people’s hard-earned money.

Fraudsters also send text messages to the users asking about their accounting information, they also send links for the deals in the messages, which when user click on it will send the information to the fraudsters.

Email messages from scammers contains malwares which steals victim’s personal information. Spam email also contains ransomware which lock the user’s data and demand money to unlock it.

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Users should be cautious before answering any calls, or responding to the text messages or opening unwanted emails and clicking any link provided in it.

E Gift Cards Scam:

E gifts card scam

During holiday seasons gifting an e gift card is becoming very popular. Scammers often send email containing gift cards, which contains malicious links instead of coupons.

Scammers also sends free vouchers invitations on social media. Victims are told that that they have received a free voucher and to claim it they have to click on a link and enter their details. Details entered by victim are sent to the scammers directly.

Users should check the link on which they are being redirected and also check the genuinity of the shop of which they are receiving the voucher.

Deals Scam On Social Media:

Deals scam on social media

During the Christmas season scammers use social media to list their fake advertisement of pretty good deal. With the fake advertisements, malicious links and attachments are also enclosed. Scammers can be in the friend list of your friends, so they are very hard to detect.

However, you can always pay attention to the deals and before clicking any of the links always make sure that link is genuine.

Love Scam:

Love scam

Lots of people are wanting to spend their holiday season with someone special. This create opportunity for the scammers to scam lonely person. Scammers create fake profile using fake pictures and email pretending to be the perfect partner and lure the people into paying certain amount or giving sensitive information to them.

You can make yourself safe by double checking the person with whom you are planning a perfect holiday. If someone on the other side is not willing to meet you and demanding money for whatever the reason then that’s an alarming bell and you should be get away with it very quickly.

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This holiday season do not let the scammers ruin your Christmas. Stay away from online scams. During the Christmas season, you should be aware of the scams we have mentioned and have a great Christmas.

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