Selling Your Old iPhone? 7 Unavoidable Things to Check before that!

It’s been years that your iPhone has stayed with you and now the time has come to say it goodbye. For the same, it is quite easy to sell your iPhone in the brimming tech market. Your reason to sell iPhone may be due to any physical damage, the arrival of a new device in the market or you just wish to switch to try some new options.

Whatever it may be, the thing that matters most is your data and information that needs to be kept secure. So check out some tips that shall not be missed before selling the phone off.

1. Backup your iCloud

You have 2 methods to break the backup code for your iPhone here.

Method 1: Through iCloud Settings

Step 1: Open your phone Settings.

Step 2: Click the Apple ID (icon where your picture is present)

Step 3: Tap open iCloud. From the next page, click iCloud backup.

Step 4: In the next page section, toggle the switch on for iCloud backup. Once done, hit OK.

Backup your iCloud

According to your internet connection as well as cloud space, the backup will be made. Yes, the process continues even when you are doing your other work on the phone.


Method 2: Through Additional Software

If you have plans to switch from iPhone to any other Android device in the future or you want to access the data from any device, be it Windows, Mac or Android device, then Systweak Right backup could help.

Through Additional Software

While using it, choose the files or folders you wish to keep as a backup and tap on ‘Start Backup’. The software will also let you know the amount of data you wish to backup.

Along with providing you secured iCloud backup, get an extra 100 MB space for storage when you sign up. Other features as Smart Restore, AES encryption and multi-platform support makes Right Backup a trustworthy choice for you.

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2. Transfer Contacts to iCloud

Whether you are getting another iPhone or switching to Android after selling your iPhone, you surely do not want to miss Contacts at all. For that

Step 1: Visit your iPhone’s Settings.

Step 2: Tap on Apple icon or profile photo and reach to iCloud.

Step 3: Check if the toggle for Contacts is turned on.

Step 4: After coming to the home page, visit > sign in > click Contacts icon.

Step 5: Here, you will be able to find the Settings icon below. Tap on it and select Select All (to select all contacts or you may choose only selected contacts) and tap Export Vcard.

transfer contacts to icloud

The contact list has been downloaded in your Downloads folder of Mac. All you have to do now is to convert it into Excel using CSV converter.

Another Method opens up the option of downloading a third party app called Export Contact which gives you various file options to export your contacts into.

3. Backup your iTunes

For the same, you need to connect your iPhone with the computer. Choose ‘Trust’ when asked ‘Trust this computer?’

Step 1: Open iTunes on your Mac.

Step 2: Select the Device icon > Summary > Backup Now.

Once done, you may be able to check the last backup’s date and time as well.

4. Delete Photos and Apps

We all believe that a general reset will remove all the photos and apps on its own, which is true to some extent. But it is safe if you clear out all the pictures and apps individually to drop the slightest chance of trace even after selling off iPhone.

5. Unpair your Apple Watch

If you carry an Apple watch, you must unpair it.

Step 1: Go to Apple Watch app on your iPhone (while keeping the watch nearby)

Step 2: Select My Watch and choose your watch. Select the Information icon and tap Unpair Apple Watch. You may need to enter the authentication key for same.

Note that your iPhone will take a backup of your apple watch data before erasing. You can use the same for the next iPhone.

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6. Sign out of iCloud, iTunes & App Store, Messages, and Facetime

One of the most important things for sure is signing out of all locations before selling the iPhone.

Step 1: Open Settings > Profile icon > Sign Out > Enter your Apple ID > Turn Off

Sign out of iCloud, iTunes & App Store, Messages, and Facetime

Step 2: Open Settings > iTunes & App Store > Tap your Apple ID > Sign out

Sign out of iCloud, iTunes & App Store, Messages, and Facetime -1

Step 3: Open Settings > Messages > Send and Recieve > tap on your own Apple ID > Sign out.

Sign out of iCloud, iTunes & App Store, Messages, and Facetime -2

Step 4: Open Settings > Facetime > tap Apple ID > Sign out

7. Reset the Factory Settings

Open Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

After this, it reboots, and you are now ready to sell your iPhone.

reset the factory

Your iPhone is ready to leave!

Once you have followed all the steps above, sit back and relax as data is securely backed up and the phone is completely ready to pass in another hand. We wish you a new phone after this! Happy learning and new gadget shopping.

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