Selfissimo: Your Personal Selfie Photographer by Google

We all love to click selfies for no reason, just because we are getting bored. When using a Smartphone or with your DSLR you always have the option of asking someone to take your photograph. But when it comes to Selfies you must click them by yourself. Sometimes we really find it painful to press the shutter button while holding our best pose at the same time. But now you should not be worried about the shutter button while clicking a selfie. New Selfissimo app by google will be your personal selfie photographer. Just hold a pose and Selfissmo will automatically click a photograph. Let us find out more about this amazing application.

  1. It is a free application you can download and install this application from the given link.

Research at Google

  1. Once you are done with download and installation you will be on the home screen of this application. Which looks like this.

selfissimo google new app

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  1. Tap on Start icon to start the photo shoot.
  2. Your front camera will be started by default and as soon as you will move your head or your phone your pictures will be clicked automatically and you will see some compliments.

photo app by google

  1. The application will keep clicking your photographs until you will tap on the screen.
  2. When you will tap on the screen you will see the grid of Photographs in different poses.
    google new photo app
  3. There are four buttons at the top of the Grid which are Cancel, Share and download.
  4. By tapping on an individual image in the Grid you can save or share it individually or can delete it from the Grid.
    delete or save image
  5. Once you are Done all your Photos or Grid will be saved on the camera roll.

Currently the application doesn’t have many features but developers are hungry for feedback so they can add new. Artificial intelligence is deeply integrated with the application so that it will never miss the best pose of yours.

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This is how your amazing expressions will be captured by your personal photographer which will always stay with you. So, what are you waiting for try this amazing app now.

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