Sci-Fi Movie Lies Everyone Believes

Sci-fi movies and media sure makes our imagination go freebird with their crazy, twisted stories and scientifically plausible events. Science fiction has also been a major source of inspiration for new inventors and have inspired various gadgets in life. Nevertheless, we often tend to focus too much on ‘Science’ and forget the ‘Fiction’ bit and take things too seriously. But hoaxes catch up far quicker than solid facts and Sci-fi is no exception. So, we thought it would be interesting to bring into notice some of the most outrageous misconceptions that have stemmed from Sci-Fi movies, TV shows and works of science fiction.

Best Sci-Fi Movie Lies Everyone Believes

  1. Gravity


Most of us base our knowledge about how presence or absence of gravity affects objects on what we’ve seen on screen. Be it the famous clips from Apollo Moon Landing or various spaceship videos from NASA, most evidences aren’t enough to learn how gravity works on a bigger scale. We saw how earth’s gravity pulls Starship Enterprise after it loses power in Star Trek: Into Darkness. However, this wasn’t accurate as the distance of the ship from planet wouldn’t have resulted in such a quick plummet and would be more of a gentle decent over 3-4 days.

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  1. Spaceships Escaping Blackholes


This one’s a total no brainer that no nerd would bat an eye on. There is no way anything (even light) could escape a blackhole; let alone a human spaceship with all thrusters on max power. Although black holes have been explored in the movie Interstellar. But those were events specific to the plot and they did mention it was a ‘Supermassive Black Hole’ that also displayed properties of a Stellar Mass Black Hole which made the protagonist’s survival possible.

  1. Sound in Space


Since sound needs air to travel, there’s no way one can hear anything in the vacuum of space, regardless of how they show it in Hollywood. Therefore, all those sounds you hear in Star Wars and similar Sci-Fi mumbo jumbo are not possible if such a scenario happened for real.

  1. Space Dogfights


We all marvel at the idea of seeing speeding fighter spaceships battle it out in outer space with interstellar dogfights that would put Red Baron and Blue Max to shame. However, this is more fiction than fact as there’s no way one could maneuver a spacecraft that quickly without the absence of air. Real spaceships can turn around in outer space, but it is nowhere as quick and tight as shown in movies.

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  1. Fire and Explosions in Space


Fire need oxygen to sustain and even if something explodes in space, it wouldn’t be anything like Death Star. Hollywood chooses to use flashy explosions to create more of a visual spectacle rather than showing documented facts. Also, since there is no resistant from the environment (such as air) explosion in space could cause shrapnel and debris to fly at devastating speeds into vast distance. So, there’s no way Luke Skywalker could’ve survived the Death Star explosion.

  1. Effects of Outer Space On Body


Removing a helmet or spacesuit in outer space could be fatal, but that would still not make your body explode like shown in several movies. Most sci-fi nerds tend to believe that the vacuum of outer space can force blood vessels to pop. However, you are more likely to die from air violently escaping your lungs and damaging your respiratory system than your vessels popping. Also, shown incorrectly in several movies, your body will not freeze in outer space despite subzero temperatures. As the body won’t be able to transfer heat in outer space, it will overheat rather than freeze over.

The above list proves that even if something looks legit, doesn’t mean it is. Same can also be said about several hoaxes and conspiracies that are a result of pure misinformation. We’re clearly not trying to stop you from watching the awesome Hollywood movies and sci-fi shows. However, one should know how to separate fact from fiction and falsify all fallacies.

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