Say Hello To Google Podcasts app—All You Need To Know!

Finally, our prayers have been heard! Google has recently released their standalone Podcasts app for Android which will use Google’s recommendation algorithms to bring you a whole new Podcast listening experience. It follows a simple straightforward approach and takes podcast browsing way beyond our expectations.

google podcasts

The Google Podcast app combines more than 500+ channels from around the world and aims to become one of the most exciting entertainment and informational mediums in the world today. The app closely examines your listening habits and subscriptions and delivers the best podcast results. Google Podcasts works seamlessly well with Google Assistant to offer you better personal recommendations and can be synced across devices.

So, let’s take a quick roll and explore some of the best Google Podcasts app features.

Sync Across Devices

Like we said earlier that the Google Podcasts app can be synced across multiple devices, it can offer a hassle free listening experience. Suppose, if you use more than one Google powered device and you started listening to a podcast on one device, you can access it on any other synced device as well right where you left off. Isn’t this great? And not just on Android phones, the Google Podcast app is compatible on Google Home and tablets as well!

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Adjust Playback Speed

Adjust Playback Speed

Got too many shows to listen in less time? Well, sit back and relax! Google Podcasts allows you to adjust the Playback speed of podcasts so that you can customize it based on your preferences. To do so, simply tap the tap the 1.0x icon in the lower-left corner of the app. Now you can adjust the speed slider to set your preferred multiplier.

Offline Listening

Making vacation plans? But wait, you might wanna download some of the best podcasts that can entertain you during your travel, right? Tap the download icon next to your favorite podcast and then you can see all your downloaded podcasts in the “Downloads” section of the app.

Google Search

Google Search

Google Podcast app obviously has an in-built search tool embedded in the app but that’s just not it. You can also take help of Google search if you’re looking for something particular. Say, you can use the Google app on your smart phone and search for podcasts. Google will instantly fire up the results and display it, you can pick any one of the podcasts from the list and it’ll automatically be opened in the Google Podcasts app.

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Third Party Podcasts Manager

As Google Podcast app has just released recently, the options are pretty limited as of now. But don’t be disheartened. You can also download podcasts from subscribed channels via other apps including Podcast AddictPocket Casts and Podcast Go.

Let Google Podcasts app get full polished and until then you can rely on some other podcasts managers. There are still a few features that we wish to see on the app very soon that include playlist support, night mode and so on. Have patience folks and give Google a lil bit of time until Google Podcasts becomes a fully featured app!

So fellas, here were some of the best Google Podcasts app features to make the most of it. Do let us know what you think about this Google’s new Podcast app. Feel free to hit the comment box with your feedback and suggestions.

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