Say Hello to Facebook’s New Lasso Video Music app for Teens

When it comes to obsessive smartphone usage, teenagers are the only segment who rock the charts. From clicking pictures and posting on social media, to creating live videos and engaging their followers, teens know how to use their smartphone to its best potential. Facebook has recently released a new video music app for teens known as Lasso which is said to set some direct rivalry goals to apps like TikTok and

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Facebook Lasso app

On Lasso, users can record their videos, lip-sync on their favorite music and dialogues, dance on popular songs, entertain and everything else that catches the attention of youth. The app’s interface is specifically designed to catch teen’s attention where they can spend their entire day making videos and conversing with their friends and followers. Lasso is designed by Facebook Watch team under the supervision of lead product designer Brady Voss.

Music app for Teens

Sources have stated, that Facebook is working on creating this app since 2016 and it became one sure deal when earlier this year Facebook secured their licensing deal with giant music labels. The app is currently available in the U.S for iOS and Android platform and will be soon rolled out to other countries as well. Lasso is one cool initiative by Facebook in the lip-sync segment and we hope that it gets better and entertaining with time.

Let’s know all about Facebook Lasso app in detail.

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What is Lasso?

Lasso app is basically for all those individuals who love engaging their audience with fun videos just how you do it on and TikTok. Lasso is a simple short form of videos where you can interact with your followers in a more fun way. Even marketers and content curators can benefit from this app, like this a fresh source of marketing.

With Lasso you can:

Lasso Music app

Create and share your own personal videos.

Use a bunch of advanced tools for customization like adjusting the speed, adding a soundtrack in the background and so on.

Follow other content curators and be their live audience in case they post something fun.

Share your Lasso videos directly to your Facebook story.

How to Create a Video on Lasso?

Launch the Lasso app on your device.

Tap the “Lasso” option on the bottom left corner.

Tap the music icon to add a background track to your video, or adjust the speed of the video too lie 5x, 2x whichever you prefer.

Create Video on Lasso

Once, you’ve applied customized settings, tap and hold the round circular icon to record a new video. At max, you can create 15 seconds recording on Lasso.

Tap on Next to preview your recording. If you like the video and wish to proceed again ap on “Next”.

Well, now it’s time for sharing. Add a catchy description and a bunch of your favorite hashtags and share the video with your friends and followers.

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How to Follow Someone on Lasso?

To follow new users on Lasso and expand your community here’s what you need to do. Tap the + icon next to the username who you wish to follow and add to your circle.

Wait for it…

Sources have stated that Facebook Lasso app will surely evolve over time. At present, it sure lacks a few augmented reality features which are offered by apps like Snapchat and Instagram but we will surely see this app get better with each new update. But all in all, if video creating is your forte then this is a must-have application for Y’all. A majority of the teen audience in the U.S is already fascinated by this app and would love to try this new app over TikTok and

What are your views about Lasso? Do you think this new Facebook app has a shot over other apps in the same segment? Feel free to share your feedback in the comments box below.

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