SAS- The Rising New Technology for DATA Analytics

Data is the blend of information and knowledge, which is unlike any precious resource that is extracted, refined, and made useful.

Today, data is the only thing which links the whole world. As we know, data is growing at very rapid speed that is far-fetched. To store and to manipulate this growing data, there are a vast number of researchers and tech gurus already working on finding a solution for effective data management.

And this is exactly where SAS could turn to be the ace for data analytics and revolutionize the sector as we know it.


What is SAS?


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SAS is the short form of “Statistical Analysis System”. The rising technology for data analytics and financial analysis as well. It is an amalgamation of Business Intelligence(BI), Visualization, Analytics, Data, and Framework.

SAS is a licensed software system for creating graphs, report writing, and data analytics. Software can store and retrieve data, modify data and can generate reports. SAS can access data in any format available. It is capable of manipulating data with SAS advanced programming. By using SAS, managing and analyzing data becomes simpler and far more efficient.

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Why Choose SAS?

SAS system is not only the topmost system for statistical analysis but it is also a remarkable system for data-oriented processes that are commonly executed in databases. It is capable of computing both the simple statistical analysis and the complicated statistical analysis. Commercial and public organizations use SAS for data analysis and business growth.

System has a point-and-click interface for non-technical users. There are also more advanced programming options known as SAS language. This language has a programming option for more complex data analysis and advanced data management.


Primary Areas of Use

SAS is used to aggregate large and varied data sets. With SAS programming, you can also merge multiple data sets based on key variables. It provides you with records and tables for the number of observations. It creates data sets of unstructured data on which you can apply multiple functions to sort and manage data. This data can be stored at the destined location in database.


Comparison of SAS and other Systems

There are number of systems with similarities to SAS.  Nevertheless, its designers have created a superior system for complex and elementary data analysis. The reason for its superiority is because it clearly separates analytics from data management and aims to execute both efficiently.

Many of the systems are built for numeric data analysis. But, SAS in comparison to others is built for date/time values and designed for character values as well. SAS has its own format for date/time and character values. System is largely independent from the type of operating system on which it runs.

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Applications of SAS

Applications of SAS

Many financial and banking organizations are also working with SAS. It is being used in data management in various organizations. Let’s have a look at the applications in which SAS is being used:


  1. SAS is being used in pharmaceutical industry, for producing clinical report.
  2. Fraud solutions for financial services.
  3. Visual analytic products of SAS can even be used for games in future.
  4. It is used by governments of various countries to calculate tax and revenue as well as for detecting corruption.
  5. Life sciences use SAS for real-time monitoring events as well as for defense and security also.

If you are an aspiring Data analyst then you must go for SAS. To learn SAS, find out your nearest affiliated training centre.

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