Samsung Unveils Exynos 800 Processor for Mid-Range Phones to Deliver 5G Speed

Even after having two in-house 5G chipsets in its bag, i.e. Exynos 980 and Exynos 990, the South Korean tech giant unveiled a new Exynos 880 5G chipset.

Why release a new chipset when your basket is already full?

The new Exynos chipset is designed for mid-range phones and is very much like Exynos 980. From CPU layout to integrated NPU for machine learning to Mail-G76 MP5 GPU to 8nm design, it has everything. Yet the company claims it is different.

What makes Exynos 880 stand out?

Samsung Exynos 880

The main difference between Exynos 880 and Exynos 980 is camera support. Exynos 980 can support up to 108 MP primary camera while Exynos 880 is restricted to 64MP primary camera or dual 20MP setups.

Besides this, there is no other prominent differences between Exynos 980 & Exynos 88.

Both chipsets support two ARM Cortex A76 cores running at 2Ghz and six ARM Cortex A55 cores running at 1.8GHz. Built using Samsung’s 8-nanometer FinFET process, it has a similar 5G modem integration like the older SoC that supports 2.55GBps download and 1.28GBps upload speed.  The company says 2.55GBps download speed can be lifted to 3.55GBps with E-UTRA-NR dual-connectivity that brings 5G and LTE capabilities together.

Alongside Exynos 880 will also support 4K recording at up to 30fps and will offer higher refresh rates for games thereby supporting Full HD displays.

Who should buy phones with Exynos 880?

On paper, it looks like both Exynos are similar, but there’s a huge difference. The older SoC offers 4k/120 fps while new offers 4k/30fps video recording.

Exynos 880 offers display support of 2520 X 1080 while Exynos 980 supports 3360 X 1440 screens.

Not only this the older chipset offers Wi-Fi 6 capabilities while Exynos 880 only supports Wi-Fi 5.

Exynos 880 capabilities
img_ Xda-developers

This clearly shows Exynos 880 is one step below Exynos 980 and people looking for devices with high-resolution cameras should not go with Exynos 880.

Are there any devices with Exynos 880 in the market?

Vivo Y70 5G for $ 280 launched in China is the first phone with Exynos 880 chipset. This means the chipset will be available in similar handsets and soon it will be available in the West.

For mid-range mobile users, Samsung’s new chipset is undoubtedly a good thing as the AI capabilities will let users enjoy a smarter mobile experience. Not only this, since the processor integrates a neural processing unit and digital signal processor the response time will be accelerated and the device will offer improved security. If you are not a fan of mobile cameras, this new processor is for you as it will suit your pocket and will let you experience the latest technology.

Will you invest in devices with Exynos 880 processor? Do share your thoughts with us. We’d love to hear from you. Drop your comments, suggestions, feedback in the box below

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