Samsung Galaxy 8 and 8 Plus: Choose Features to Enable/Disable

Bought Samsung Galaxy 8 and excited to customize it to your preferences? But before installing your favorite apps, don’t you want to know all about your phone. You might not know about all new cool features of the phone as a lot of them are disabled by default.


Here are the features that you might find useful in your Samsung Galaxy 8.

1. Set the screen resolution to the fullest:


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Samsung by default, didn’t set the screen resolution to its fullest which is 2960*1440.  Who doesn’t want the WQHD screen resolution? So, to take the full privilege of infinity display and enjoy watching videos and movies on one of the best phones in the market, you can set the resolution to the maximum screen resolution.
Go to Display -> Change Screen Resolution->2960*1440.

2. Enable fingerprint, face and iris recognition:


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Security is everything. As you have got Samsung Galaxy S8, it is expensive so we should keep it safely. Let’s explore the various options available to lock your phone. Samsung provides you with fingerprint locking, facial recognition and all new Iris scanning. Although you can’t use facial recognition and Iris scanning together you can use either of them with fingerprint.

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3. Find My Mobile

I know it is a brand-new phone but as it is said, “Hope for the best and prepare for the worst”. Samsung enables you to locate your phone if you have lost it or have forgotten where you kept it. With the feature, Find My Mobile, you can easily track the current location of your phone.


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All you need to do is

Go to Settings-> Enable Find my Mobile -> Login to registered Samsung account -> Enable Remote controls and Google Location Services.

In this way, if you lose the phone, you can get the accurate information where to find it.

4. Quick Launch Camera is must:

As the Home button is missing from the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, this feature could help you in opening the camera app without unlocking the device. To take a quick selfie or capture a beautiful memory, press the power button twice consecutively.


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To Enable this feature:

Go to Settings -> Quick Launch Camera -> Toggle the slider to enable the feature.

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5. Add Device Maintenance to Edge Panels:

Though Samsung S8 possess the best features among the smartphones which include the display and the performance, but to enhance the speed at par, we must customize it a bit. The smartphone has a feature which allows us to add device maintenance to Edge panels, so that you can check on your phone’s battery status, storage available and memory used.

To Enable this feature:


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Go to Settings -> Edge Screen-> Toggle the slider to enable Edge Panels ->Check the list and choose according to your preferences (Select Device Maintenance to monitor the status of your phone)

You can access device management edge app, open edge app and swipe it from right to left until you get device management.

6.Customize the screen mode:

Customizing one’s phone screen to his/her choice is very important for some of us. Samsung S8 has taken it into consideration and provided us with AMOLED Cinema, AMOLED Photo and Basic screen mode. So choose whatever you want.

You can also change the color balance by the option Color balance.


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Go to Settings -> Screen mode- >Select any from the given option.

7. Set up Secure folder:

This feature enables you to secure the information such as personal photos, videos, important documents which you want to secure from inquisitive people. Samsung provides you with an additional layer of security with this feature. Store your important documents in the secure folder and the documents will be accessible after we input the set password.


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To use the secure folder-

Go to Settings-> Look for ‘Secure Folder’ ->Sign in to your Samsung account -> Select the type of password you want to protect the document ->Process complete

New Folder is created on Home screen. Now you can save your important data in this folder.

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8.     Enable one-handed mode.

Despite the big display screen, Samsung S8 and S8+ has provided you with one-handed operation claiming that it is still possible to use the devices single-handedly.

The mode can be set for both left handed and right handed users.
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To enable the mode-

Go to Settings-> One- Handed Mode -> Toggle the slider to the right to enable the mode.

9.     Choose the way your home screen looks –

Samsung has a feature to customize the home screen layouts. You also change the size of the apps on the home screen – Home screen grid. You can choose the size of app drawer grid as well.


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To choose the home screen-

Navigate to settings->select home screen ->Choose the home screen layout

You can change the home screen grid, app screen grid and can also enable the apps button (immediate access to app screen)

So, these are the few features which you might find beneficial when using your Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. I know you are excited to use the phone and check its awesome features and flaunt it in front of your friends. Do check these features of the phone and don’t forget to enable them, believe me they can be very useful.

Do let us know what feature did you like the most.

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