Samsung Finally Unveils Its Foldable Phone After Much Hide and Seek

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Smartphone market is already overloaded with different models with different features and designs but still it is hard to find a device which can exceed our expectations. In this scenario Samsung comes with a breakthrough device which not only exceed your expectations but will aim to revolutionize smartphone design.

On 20th Feb in its San Francisco event Samsung launched its all new foldable smartphone in four color variants. Let us find out what it holds to dominate smartphone market in future.

Product Highlights:

Name of the device itself reveals the mystery. Yes, it is a foldable smartphone thus it becomes must to discuss about the display before everything else.


Device comes with two Displays when it is folded along with a 4.6-inch touch screen as a cover. When you open the flap, it is 7.3 inches infinity display. The beauty of this display combination is you can immediately switch between displays without breaking the continuity of what you are doing. Another example of fine engineering which Galaxy Fold holds is that you can’t even see the fold line when it is unfolded.

Galax Fold display


With 6 Cameras device holds 3 on the back pane, 2 on the front panel when it is unfolded and 1 on the cover when the device is folded. This completely means that you will never miss the shot no matter how you are using the device.

Galaxy Fold camera


There are two batteries in Samsung Galaxy Fold. One on each size of the flip. It combines the power from two batteries and gives you 4380mAh resultant power.

Processor and other features:

To ensure the smooth functioning of all these hardware combinations Samsung Galaxy Fold is equipped with Qualcomm 7nm octa-core processor. The Device is also loaded with 12 GB RAM and 512 GB of internal storage.

Launch Date and Price:

This revolutionary smartphone will hit stores on April 26th with a starting price of $1980 which is decent price if you will look it as a smartphone and a tablet for this price and for sure you will get attractive offers from carriers. You will be able to choose from 4 color variants which are cosmos black, Martian green, space silver and astro blue.

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But Is It Worth All The Hype?

Samsung has surely missed their first mover advantage as the Chinese Xiaomi leaked their device first. Nevertheless, Samsung is far more trusted as a brand with a huge market presence worldwide. To judge whether it’s fully loaded smartphone masterpiece will appeal buyers or revolutionize industry, only time will tell!

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