5 Safety Tips to Keep Your Zoom Video Sessions Secure

“Stay home, stay safe” has become the new motto to survive the year 2020. The COVID-19 virus has struck the world pretty badly. No matter how ironic it sounds, but being locked inside our houses is the only way to fight against this pandemic disease. We need to strictly follow social distancing to cut the chain of the virus from spreading across. And, to achieve this, staying home is the least we can do. 

In these tough times, Working from Home has become more like a cultural trend that most of the employees are following. With the help of the right set of tools, one can easily make their WFH period seamless and productive. Video conferencing apps like Zoom, Skype, Google Duo are skyrocketing in this pandemic phase, which helps us to communicate, learn and socialize while being at home. 

Keep Your Zoom Video Sessions Secure
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Is Zoom Video Calling App Safe?

So, have you all used Zoom video conferencing apps to connect with your fellow teammates? Recently, a couple of trolls bombarded the social media stating how hackers and outsiders intruded their zoom meeting sessions. The Internet generation named this practice as “Zoom-bombing” where anybody could pop onto your screen without your authorization or permission. Yes, it’s undoubtedly offensive! In this online world, “privacy” sounds like a fragile term. No matter which app or service we use, privacy remains our utmost concern. 

Zoom Video Calling App Safe
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Here are a bunch of Zoom security tips to keep your video conferencing sessions safe while keeping the intruders away.

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Let’s dive in.

Lock Your Video Conferencing Sessions

Lock Your Video Conferencing Sessions

Yes, think of it as a tiny baby step that you can take to improve privacy while using the Zoom meetings app. Once the host has invited all the participants or members, make sure you lock the chat room so that no third party or outsider can barge in. To lock a video meeting, tap the Participants pop-up, select More and then hit the “Lock Meeting” option.

Password Protect

Password Protect
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Another important security measure that you can take to secure your Zoom meetings is by enabling password-protection on your sessions. This will ensure that you only a limited set of legitimate participants will be able to connect, once they enter an authentic meeting password. You can enable this option in the user settings window to make sure your video calling sessions remain 100% secure.

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Avoid Using Generic Meeting Room Names

There’s one thing that you should always keep in mind and, i.e. the hackers of today’s era are clever than you think. When you’re setting up a new meeting room, try to avoid using generic meeting room names that are easily guessable. To ensure that your video conferencing sessions are secure, make sure you opt for a complex combination of strings and characters that is random. 

Keep a Close Check on List of Participants

Keep a Close Check on List of Participants
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As a host of the video conferencing meeting, act proactively by keeping a close check on all the list of active participants who are connected in the video conference call. Doing so will ensure that your video conferencing sessions are not interrupted by an intruder, and you only have a list of trusted participants in the loop. 

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Manage Screen Sharing Wisely

Manage Screen Sharing Wisely
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Unless there’s a dire need for screen sharing, only then allow the participants to use this option. The best way to keep your Zoom meetings secure is by limiting Screen sharing and only pursue it when you fully trust the participant. 

So, do you think these above-mentioned Zoom security tips and tricks can help you in improving your video calling experience? Also, beyond the above-listed safety advice, we would advise you to stay aware of the surroundings and be extra careful while dealing with any privacy or security threat. 

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