Safer Internet Day: Quick Quiz Answers

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Here are the answers to the Safe Internet Day Quick Quiz. How many of them did you get right?

  1. What is the internet?
  • World Wide Web
  1. How many websites are there worldwide at the end of 2011?
  • Above 555 million
  1. What’s the most wicked activity on internet today?
  • All of the above
  1. What do you need to open a web page?
  • Web browser
  1. Which of the following is considered personal information?
  • All of the above
  1. Cyber bullying may be punishable by law.
  • True
  1. A link on a web site will take you to another page on that site or another web site.
  • True
  1. Google searches the entire web.
  • False
  1. Spam is-
  • Unsolicited e-mail
  1. ISP stands for:
  • Internet Service Provider
  1. What is a domain suffix?
  • Top-level domain, eg. ‘.com’, ‘.in’
  1. What is a Browser?
  • A software program that enables you to view www document
  1. What does URL mean?
  • Universal Resource Locator also known as the address
  1. A domain name ending with “org” is
  • An organization
  1. AOL stands for
  • America Online

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