Robotics In 2021: How Far We Have Come & Future Predictions!

If we see a robot serving us food in a restaurant or driving a car for us, we might not get surprised. Robots have indeed become a part of our daily lives, visually or through non-visual but intelligent methods. The time is not far when they would be staying at our home, as our helper and serving hot piping meals, when we are hungry after office hours.

Remember watching ‘Small Wonder’, a 1985 drama where a robotics engineer designs a robot in the face of a human girl? She could do so many wonders with a blink of an eye. No wonder, we have crossed those ages and decades later, we are enjoying the same robotic tactics in our day to day lives. Remember Sophia, the most recent robot celebrity of the year 2018?

Robotics In 2020

The image above shows a robot serving cuisine in a restaurant in Jaipur city, North India.

Through this blog, let’s just collect the facts on how far we have achieved with robotics today, it has been dissolved in our humanoid and how robotized would be in the near future.

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1. Robotics In Defence, Security and Surveillance

Robotics In Defence

Probably, anessential field, where robots are doing wonderful jobs and saving the most important resource human life. Those locations which are much suspected of terrorist activities or where situations are not adaptable to humans, these robots can work efficiently.

From arming or disarming bombs, shooting off missiles, surviving in inhabitable conditions to keeping an eye from the sky, robots have made our work easyand. The best part is that they can be controlled from a remote location and can be corrected if any of the parts are at fault.

2. Robotics & Healthcare

Robotics and Healthcare

Operating on someone for long hours and with precision is not a child play. It requires loads of effort, concentration and active mind for the procedure. But if a human doctor is not available for any reason, robotic surgery is the perfectly suitable option.

Robots also act as amazing assistants in the operation theater and can resolve complicated surgeries with the utmost accuracy.

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3. Robotics & Automation In Transportation

Robotics and Automation In Transportation

Driverless cars can be seen in news headlines almost every week, where various hi-tech companies are experimenting on the same concept. This automation will soon let the cars be driven by itself, and you can even utilize your traveling time doing something productive. This computer with wheels will probably be at our doors within a span of 2-3 years.

Computers are being calculative matched with Artificial Intelligence, and many countries have begun with the process of automated buses, metros, and trains already. The question still comes: Can we trust driverless cars? The future will tell us all.

4. Robotics In Dangerous Jobs

Robotics In Dangerous Jobs

Those jobs that are not easy to be done by humans alone require robotic assistance. For example, oil companies use robots for inspection of their pipelines where human reach is not easy and safe.

Robots are acting as firefighters at someplace whereas they are helping in clogging waster from sewers at another. In the areas where intense welding is required, humans are being replaced to keep eyes and ears safe.

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5. Friendship Between Humans & Robots

Friendship Between Humans and Robots

Robots are nowadays interactive as well as imbibed with emotional intelligence. This has made them no fewer humans today! They can become your friend, advise you on your matters and even keep an eye on you when you are not doing well. Caring!

In the year 2013, a robot named Boomer was killed in the Iraq war. The fellow soldiers gave him a 21-guns salute and even organized a funeral. We believe, there is so much humanity in the bond!

Where Else Is Robotics Visible In the Current Year?

I would rather say, where is it not! From preparing your food to serving you on the table, educating you whenever, wherever and maintaining your home in and out, Robots are everywhere.

Fighting crimes, industrial use, agriculture, etc., robots are co-existing with humans in every form. Life is, indeed becoming simple!

Future Predictions

Well, we would like to share different perspectives on the topic with a positive and negative side, both brimming out from the flask equally. Let’s catch up on both of them!


The workload of humans has gone down. They can save their time and energy for other resourceful works.

Quick results are coming up with the utmost accuracy.

One robot can be programmed to do unlimited and multiple works at a certain period .

Helping so many people who are incapable of doing a certain job due to disability.

Work productivity is multiplied by many folds.


In the race of population growth and robotics, people are losing their jobs quick as robots are replacing them for works like industrial maintenance, taxi driving, farming, etc.

People are becoming lazy day by day, and their lifestyle is facing much health glitched due to a sedentary attitude.

Improper use of emotional intelligence with driverless cars may result in fatalities.

A robotic malfunction at a crucial stage of healthcare can have serious repercussions.

The flexibility of working out anything may reduce with robots, whereas humans are more flexible.

What Do You Think?

Do you think about the balance between the two spheres, the dictatorship of one of them or something else? We are interested in knowing what is your take on Robotics shortly in the comment section below.

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