Revolutionary Inventions by Google That Will Bring Easy to Your Life.

Back in the 90s, who knew Google will be another name for internet? Or rather a life platform? Over the years Google has grown exponentially. It has today occupied huge cyberspace, become one of the top players in smartphone market and newer technologies. Expecting anything imaginary from Google is no longer just a talk. Having said that, Google has yet again come up with some brilliant inventions. Here are 5 latest inventions by Google that can bring ease to your life.

  • Self-Driving Bikes:

Google has invented a self-driving bike that would run on its own, making biking safer, smarter and easier. This smart bike will know where it is, what’s around it and what it should do. Google has leaned on Google’s expertise for the bike to get its directions. However, there are two additional techniques attached to the bike. First, you can ask the bike to pick you up from wherever you are, using Google Map. Secondly, there is a comfort mode, which will allow you to adjust the pedals of the bike to your comfort level. So now, for all those don’t like to ride bike by themselves or fear allowing their kids go on their own, Self-Driving will be the smart move for you.

  • Translate for Animals:

This is a new Android application, being developed on Google translations technology. Translate for Animals will help you understand any animal’s language in human terms. Your handset will record the animal’s voice, which is transmitted to Google’s server where speech recognition and translation agents analyze the neuron-biological acoustics. Thereafter, the voice recognition software then translates the animal’s sound into plain English. The app is already available on Google Play Store. So if you have a pet with yourself or your work involves dealing with animals, then you should download Translate for Animals right away!

  • Dial-Up Mode:

You must have been using Google Fiber and must be happy with its speed. Yet on some days, you might be wanting to take out time from that busy and hectic schedule. For this, Google has introduced Dial-up Mode. You can switch to dial-up mode and continue your workings while downloading takes place or you feed your kids may be take your dog out for a walk. Yeah! This is another invention by Google aimed to ease life of users.

  • Google Express:

You must have seen many home deliveries, right? But have you ever happened to get a delivery via parachutes? Well, Google Express does so. While attempting to change the way we live, Google has developed Google Express to get things in a jiffy. This parachute technology is way more amazing then you’d imagine. You can place any order, track that order and get your stuff at your door step through parachute. So you get your order via parachutes, which would most likely be quicker than any other means. You can login with your ZIP code on Google Express and start shopping!

  • Funny Google:

Do you miss fun? If yes, then Funny Google is the exact platform for you. Most certainly, nothing can surpass or may be compare real time fun. But still you can give an opportunity to Funny Google and see how it can make you laugh. Funny Google is another platform by Google, or rather call it another search engine by Google. It precisely come up with hilarious search results. Try it today and laugh out loud!

These are 5 amazing inventions by Google that are certain to bring great change in our lives. You can start using them and bring your life at ease, be it understanding your pet’s language or getting any stuff at door step!

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