Revamp your Security Mechanism- Go Passwordless


Accounts are getting compromised on a regular basis. It has dumped regular users into a state of fear. Additionally, users are continuously facing difficulties with remembering and resetting passwords. Here are some facts that will encourage you to decide whether it’s time to go “passwordless”.

According to a survey, an average person possesses 27 different logins. It ideally means that he/she lives with 27 different ID-password combinations. We know that same passwords can be used for different websites but still people are forced to keep at least 5 to 6 passwords as different websites have different criteria’s to create passwords. Moreover, using the same password for all the websites is like inviting devil into your home.

Passwordless Login

Statistics say that 3 out of 4 people forget passwords at least once in a lifetime. Additionally, One in every three people keep weak passwords that are too simple to secure their accounts.  Passwords are now more of a headache because of the added responsibilities of remembering them and keeping them secure.

Developers have arrived with some new implementations such as passwordless token-based authentication. Every business is all ears to the technique. And it uses mobile SMS and email accounts to operate.

What Is Passwordless Login?

Does it work like social login? Let’s find out!

At heart, passwordless login resembles “reset password” mechanism where user enters an email address to a receive a link to access the account. For a broader view, user approaches the website and enters the email address or mobile number when asked and uses the service.

How Does It Work?

  • A cookie like token is produced in the form of an authentication code by the server and is embedded within link for the user to access (link is also called the magic link). The link is then, sent to the given email ID.
  • The link is time-bound and goes off after specific time (eg: – 10 minutes). User needs to click on the link within a given time period to authenticate and authorize himself. Thus, the process authorizes the person to access digital properties of the website.
  • A repetition is only required when: He/she logs out voluntarily, uses a different browser, keeps the session idle for long time or uses another device.

Benefits of Passwordless Mechanism

  • No usage of sophisticated hardware devices like biometrics. An SMS system or an email ID is enough. Hence, it saves money, which is an encouragement to use the method.
  • Farewell to passwords as they are ancient. Get rid from the process of creating, noting down, resetting passwords and keeping them secure.
  • Passwordless login eliminates the regular email verification process. It supports seamless user validation.
  • Passwords are no longer an entry door for hackers to enter your device.
  • Developers have less codes to deploy due to absence of passwords.
  • Most importantly, absolute security.

However, Passwordless login does have few demerits. They are as follows: –

  • Every new technology suffers criticism, so does Passwordless login. It will require some time for people to adapt to passwordless login. Thus, what should businesses do to play along? You need to be a bit extra cautious while dealing with customers and their issues with Passwordless login. Treat it as initial efforts to accommodate the technology. Hard work pays!
  • Sometimes best features turn out to be the biggest demerits. Keeping “passwordless login” will take away the liberty to keep oneself signed 24*7 into a device. You need to re-login every time you close from your browser.
  • The application area of the technique is confined as sectors like banking and webmail will not accept Passwordless login. Even large online stores don’t like the idea of frequent logouts. They believe that it will degrade user experience.
  • Email accounts can be compromised, so anyone with an access to your mail accounts can cause serious troubles for you.

Passwordless logins are your best friends when used in these areas:

Analytics, Reporting systems, Forums, and Monitoring.

Ask yourself, whether you need to go passwordless. It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but it can revamp your security mechanism. Users can live their life without struggling anymore with passwords.


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