Rest Your Eyes with Night Light on Windows 10

We’re all quite tech savvy these days. Burning the midnight oil – so to say – has become a part of our routine surfing the net or staring at the laptop because there’s nothing better to do! But this practice means our eyes are way to stressed and could do with a little bit of rest. Well, thanks to Windows 10 Creators update ‘Night Light’ feature which can keep our eyes strain free.

Night Light makes your screen dimmer, with warmer colors after dusk, helping you rest your eyesight. That is the hypothesis that a few reviews have upheld regarding this matter. Beside better rest, many individuals likewise report that utilizing the softer colors—particularly in obscured rooms—is quite less strenuous for the eyes.

How to Enable Night Light on Windows 10

  • Head on to Settings > System > Display.
  • Toggle the “Night light” feature here to “On” to enable it, or “Off” to disable it.

If you enable this feature during the daytime, Night Light won’t be enabled. Instead, you’ll see that it’s “Off until” sunset occurs in your current location. At sunset—that’s the time displayed in this window—Windows automatically enables the Nightlight filter. It automatically disables this feature at sunrise too.


How to Customize Night Light Settings

Tap on the “Turn On Now” or “Turn Off Now” button to immediately enable or disable the Night Light feature, no matter what time of day it is. With this you can have a quick glimpse what Night Light mode looks like without having to wait for the sunset.

Adjust the “Color temperature at night” slider to make the colors on your screen look cooler or warmer, if you like You’ll see the colors change on your screen as you drag the slider, so you can instantly observe what distinctive shades will appear.

Choose the color temperature which appear more soothing to your eyes.


Windows 10 also allows us to manually schedule the night hours’ timings. Turn the “Schedule night light” to ON and then select the “Set hours” option so you can choose the times of day when Night Light should turn on or off.


You can also add a Night Light shortcut in the Action Center, so you can turn Night Light on or off without having to dive into Settings.


So folks, that was all on Night Light! If you have any other queries on mind feel free to drop us a comment!

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