How to Remove Search Marquis from Mac

On Mac, Search Marquis is a browser hijacker that commonly affects Safari and Chrome users. Every time you open a new tab, Search Marquis takes you to a few websites where hackers make money from advertisements. The majority of people are aware that they’ve been hijacked by Search Marquis because their browser’s homepage has been switched with, and their browser won’t let them change it back. This post will explain the best method on how to remove Search Marquis from your computer.


Search Marquis captures user data and shares all of your browsing and search information with hackers, in addition to diverting your searches and injecting suggested searches into the Bing search box. It is a browser extension that is frequently installed by spyware that is operating on your computer. To completely remove the Search Marquis browser hijacker from your computer, you’ll need to conduct an antivirus check to remove the Search Marquis files from your desktop, as well as manually delete any trace of Search Marquis from your browser. Let us check out the steps on how to remove Search Marquis from Chrome

How To Get Rid Of Search Marquis From Google Chrome

google chrome

The following steps will help you on how to Search Marquis from Chrome but remember removing is not the final step. You also have to remove the remnants and assess the damage that has been done.

Step 1: Launch Chrome.

Step 2: To the right of the search bar, click the “Extensions” icon (it looks like a puzzle piece).

Step 3: Select “Manage Extensions” from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Remove any addons with which you aren’t completely satisfied (especially Adobe Flash extensions, which are frequently hacked).

Step 5: In the top right corner of the screen, click the “three dots” symbol.

Step 6: Set Google (or another legitimate search engine) as your default search engine by clicking the “Search Engine” option.

Step 7: Make sure you don’t have Search Marquis or chosen in the “On Startup” section.

How To Delete The Remnants Of Search Marquis From Your Computer

Once the search engine has been changed back, you should use your antivirus to perform a full system scan. Run a full disc scan on your computer after you’ve downloaded a secure antivirus program. A thorough disc scan will detect, quarantine, and delete every virus it discovers on your computer, including malware, rootkits, and worms that can go undiscovered for long periods – including any files connected with Search Marquis. Remember to run the complete system scan all the way through. When you see a virus on the list of infected files, DO NOT cancel the scan. It’s impossible to tell how many other copies of a virus are in your system.

Because your antivirus must analyze every single file and process on your computer, a comprehensive scan can take anywhere from 1–4 hours. Every instance of malware on your system will be discovered and quarantined once your antivirus has told you that the scan is complete.

You can use any antivirus software but ensure that it is not available for free because free apps do more damage than benefits. We suggest using Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 for complete Mac Protection & Security. Here are some of its features:

Mac Premium
Image: Intego

Antivirus. This application protects your Mac against all types of malware.

NetBarrier. Provides Network Protection and protects your Mac from unauthorized access.

Cleaner. The Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 not only cleans up but also speeds up your Mac.

Parental Control. It also includes a tool for keeping kids safe when surfing online.

Backup. This application also takes a backup of all the essential files.

How To Keep Your Device From Getting Re-Infected With Malware

Every day, new malware is produced, with ever-more innovative techniques of infecting unwary people. You must also protect yourself from data breaches, identity theft, cryptojacking, and other forms of cybercrime. So one may ask “What are the best ways to keep your gadgets and data safe?” There are various options available to you:

Ensure that your software, operating system, and drivers are all up to date


Internet security necessitates keeping all of your software, operating system, and drivers up to date. Hackers frequently take advantage of flaws in out-of-date software to gain unwanted access to your computer. The majority of software updates contain security fixes that address these flaws. Auto-update is available in most operating systems and apps. Select this option whenever possible to ensure that all of your devices and system drivers are up to current.

Downloading Suspicious Files Is Not A Good Idea

Download files only if you’re certain you know where they’re coming from, whether it’s via an email or a questionable website. The majority of malware is sent as part of presumably legal free software or as an attachment to phishing emails.

Your antivirus can keep you safe by scanning emails, identifying suspicious files, and screening all downloads before they may cause damage to your machine. However, it’s still best to use caution and avoid downloading anything from unknown sources.

Protect your wireless network and Internet of Things (IoT) devices

wireless network

Before you go online, make sure your wireless network is secure. You can do this using a firewall, but you should also password-protect your home Wi-Fi connection and internet of things (IoT) gadgets. When you look at your network list, you can see if a connection is password-protected; the ones that don’t have a warning flag next to them.

The Final Word On How To Get Rid Of Search Marquis From Google Chrome

Downloading a reliable antivirus tool is the simplest approach to keep your device from becoming infected with malware. Premium internet security suites, such as Intego can prevent malware from infecting your device and even include web filters to prevent access to dangerous websites. If you’ve been infected with Search Marquis, you can remove it from your Mac and browser in just a few minutes by following the steps outlined above. Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.


How do I remove Marquis from Mac Chrome?

You can use Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 on how to remove Search Marquis from Chrome and then manually change your search engine back to Google.

Why does Google Chrome say Search Marquis?

Google Chrome does not support Search Marquis and if you see this as your search engine then it means malware has changed your default search engine without your prior permission. You need to manually change your default search engine back to Google and install Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 to eliminate the malware from your Mac.

What do you need to know about Search Marquis?

Search Marquis is a brand-new sort of malware that can infect your computer and hijack your browser. It’s also a phony search engine of some sort. It takes the form of pushing visitors to browse undesirable web pages while also gathering personal data.

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