How To Recover Deleted and Hidden Photos On Android?

If you have hidden photos on an Android smartphone, then there is no manual way possible to recover them. The same is true for deleted photos which seem to be lost forever. However, this was true until we discovered Systweak’s Photos Cleaner which is a remarkable application designed to scan your Android device and recover all possible images hidden or deleted recently. This guide will describe the only possible method on how to recover deleted hidden photos on Android.

Systweak Photos Cleaner – Deleted photos can now be recovered.

Systweak Photos Cleaner is an Android photo recovery application developed to scan and identify all the hidden and deleted photos in your device and display them together under one interface. The main purpose of this app is to recover your lost memories and delete unwanted photos that are occupying your storage space. Here are some features that will help you understand more about Systweak Photos Cleaner.

how to recover hidden photos

Free up Storage Space.

Storage space is a crunch for all smartphone users and adding a higher-capacity SD card is not always the solution. The alternate resolution is to scan and identify why the storage space is occupied and how the space can be gained. Removing duplicates, uninstalling redundant programs, deleting junk files are a few ways that are commonly known to all. But there is one task that is known to a few experts and that is to delete the unwanted and junk photos that are created in the form of thumbnails and cached images.

Scans both internal and external memory.

Systweak’s Photos Cleaner can scan external SD cards attached to your phone with the same efficiency and algorithms as it scans the Phone’s internal storage. This helps to clear the unwanted and junk photos.

Enhanced Phone Performance.

Any storage device that has more files than required, delivers hampered performance. This app is designed to remove unnecessary image files which would improve your smartphone’s performance. The time required to search files on your phone will also be greatly reduced.

Time & Effort Saver.

Using Systweak’s Photo Cleaner, one can save considerable time and effort to complete the task of deleting junk photos as compared to the manual approach with regards to the same process.

Easy & Free to use.

The final feature which is one of the most important benefits of using this application is the fact that it is free to download and install and very easy to use.

How To Recover Deleted Hidden Photos On Android

Step 1: Download and Install Systweak Photos Cleaner from the Google Play Store, or you can click on the button below.

Step 2: Tap on the shortcut icon created on your Android home screen to open the application and click on the Scan Photos button.

how to recover deleted hidden photos on android

Step 3: You will have to grant all the required permissions of accessing photos, media, and files through the prompt displayed.

Step 4: The program will now scan and identify all the images on your smartphone and display the results after sorting them into various categories.

Step 5: Tap on the gallery and then tap on any image. You will be able to see a preview of that image. Take a screenshot if you wish to recover the image as there is no default option to save this image.

Step 6: In the preview mode, tap on the Information symbol (small “i” within a circle) on the top right and this will display the path where the image is stored. You can also try to navigate on your Android device using the File Manager app and navigate to the specified path and copy or move the image to your desired location.

Note: Some Android paths are no longer accessible though File Manager after Android OS updates. You can try the screenshot method in such cases.

Step 7: To delete the images, mark the unwanted images.


recover deleted photos on android


Step 8: Click on the Trash Bin icon on the top, and the marked images will be deleted forever.


recover hidden photos


Note: Images once deleted cannot be recovered. Hence, be 100% sure before deleting any image.

This will remove all the hidden images on your Smartphone and help you to recover valuable space.

The Final Word On How To Recover Deleted and Hidden Photos On Android?

The Photos Cleaner app by Systweak Software helps to recover all the hidden photos on your Android device. It is a free Android photo recovery software that helps to recover hidden, deleted, and junk photos from your phone that occupy unnecessary space. Once you get a list of all the hidden photos you can choose to restore them or delete them permanently.

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