7 Reasons Why Owning A Smart TV Is The Best Thing To Do

Agree or not, but through thick and thins, television has always been our all-time favorite source of entertainment. And we’ve witnessed it evolve over time in so many ways. From dish cable TV connection to online streaming on Smart TV where we have the liberty and power to watch anything we like whenever we like. We no longer have to hit the “next channel” button on repeat looking to find our favorite shows or movie. Thanks to the Internet and Smart TV we can now binge watch our favorite content and make the most of our viewing experience.

smart TV

Well, it’s 2019 folks and if you still haven’t got a Smart TV yet maybe now is the time. Here are a few Smart TV benefits, hacks, tips and tricks that will NOT make you regret having a Smart TV—ever!

Let’s roll our sleeves and check them out.

Ditch the Remote

Starting with the basics, one of the biggest advantages of having a Smart TV at your home is that you can finally bid goodbye to your remote. Yes, that’s right! Remember, how we often used to forget where we kept the remote and then the struggle of finding the lost TV remote was real. It was usually beneath the couch or left alone the kitchen table and we used to waste hours finding it.

Ditch the Remote

Thanks to Smart TV’s as they offer more power of control to users. We can manage and control our Smart TV by our smartphone or voice search which is like a whole new revolution in the television industry. Ergo, you can stay in total control, even without the remote!

The Ultimate Gaming Platform

The Ultimate Gaming Platform

Another important reason of why owning a Smart TV is the best thing to do is the fact how you can convert your television into a full-fledged gaming platform without spending extra bucks. With the help of any casting device, you can enjoy your favorite games that you play on smartphone and play them on the big screen of your Smart TV. Yes, who needs a PlayStation anyway?

Enjoy Live Feeds

Who told you that you could only watch content which streaming services offer on your Smart TV? That’s one misconception which unfortunately most of us believe. Well, the fact is that you can also enjoy live feeds on your Smart TV like YouTube’s Live video streams, keep up with the latest news and enjoy watching Facebook videos on the big screen.

Sync it With a Voice Assistant

Sync it With a Voice Assistant

Pairing your Smart TV with a voice assistant speaker like Google Home or Alexa can be one of the best decisions you ever made. By syncing your smart TV with a voice assistant will give more power to control your actions. You could simply use voice commands to turn up/down the volume, browse through content which you’re looking for, and more.

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Screensaver for Life

Screensaver for Life

Who wants to see a boring black screen when you can use the big screen of your Smart TV to set a screensaver? Yes, that’s right! You can make the most of your Smart TV screen by setting a slide show screensaver of your favorite pictures and memories that could make you feel refreshed even when you’re not watching anything.

Sideload Apps

Another major benefit of having a Smart TV is that you can sideload your favorite applications and use in your television. Services like Amazon Firestick and Google Chromecast allow you to sideload applications and access them on a big screen through your smart system.

Multiple Accounts

Multiple accounts

Just like how it works on a smartphone, you can also create multiple profiles or accounts on a Smart TV so that each family member will be offered with a more personalized experienced. Say, you can create a separate account for kids that will only include kid-friendly stuff and no explicit content. In this way, each family member will feel special as they will see movie or TV show recommendations as per their taste, preference and previous watched history.

There was a quick list including Smart TV benefits and a few reasons why owning this amazing smart system is one of the best decisions you ever made.

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