Ransomware Statistics 2017: At a Glance!

Ransomware havoc is wreaking catastrophic effects worldwide. One major trend that has been shown this year is that cyber crooks are mostly attacking business organizations rather than the individuals. The quantity of assaults directed at organizations is developing at a faster pace.

The bad news is: These numbers are just going to rise in 2017. Be that as it may, one sigh of relief is: innovation suppliers are delivering more intelligent, more successful answers to combat against these attacks. We’ve aggregated a wide variety of figures from across business sectors and the consensus is: Ransomware isn’t going away any time soon!

So here are some most noteworthy Ransomware Statistics to expect from 2017 and see exactly where the trends are headed.

1. The Spike of Ransomware Emails


Source: IBM via CNBC

If we review Ransomware Stats of 2017, then emails attacks have skyrocketed. Phishing email attachments have become the #1 delivery vehicle for Ransomware. A review by IBM Security found that the quantity of Ransomware-infected emails expanded 6,000 percent as compared to 2016. Cyber criminals are investing more energy to taint clients’ PCs directly through their inboxes. These messages generally contain attachments masked as invoice, recipients, statements, spreadsheets, faxes or individual notes.

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2.  New Ransomware Variants

The year of 2017 isn’t shaping up to be a game changer in combatting Ransomware so far. On the contrary, crypto infections are becoming increasingly toxic in terms of their impact and attack surface. Just as we thought of forgetting about the Locky Ransomware recently, a new infection joined the league, Philadelphia Ransomware which shook the entire health care industry. It doesn’t end right here! A few backs the Kirk Ransomware rolled out which is a deceitful threat that demands Monero as Ransom. Examples like these represent dark new developments in the evolution of Ransomware.

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3.  USA becomes one Prime Target

Ransomware is escalated across the globe as a profit-making tool for cyber criminals. Symantec distinguished 100 new malware families discharged into the wild, more than triple the sum seen already, and a 36 percent expansion in Ransomware assaults around the world. But majorly United states was the biggest – and the softest target.

4. More of Ransomware Assassinations will be Witnessed

Beazley conducted a risk assessment by reviewing more than 2000 security breaches of wide range of organizations.  The report review reasoned that, regardless of the stunning increment in assaults from 2015 to 2016, contaminations are anticipated to keep rising in 2017.

5.   To Pay or Not to Pay

When it comes to convincing victims to pay ransom in order to regain their data, results appear to be fairly dismal. Very few organizations actually pay the ransom, even after successful attacks — results from an Osterman Research survey conducted with Ransomware victims indicated that only 3 percent of U.S. companies paid up.

Going by the Ransomware statistics of 2017 so far, the cyber assaults are staying put. We saw quarter over quarter rise in Ransomware assaults in 2015 and 2016 and will keep on seeing this sort of development in 2017 as well.

Hence, Ransomware is here to stay!

How to Protect Yourself from Ransomware Threat?

Don’t Panic by hearing out these Ransomware stats!

Instead, suit up against Ransomware attacks!

Here are a few best practices to minimize the risk and loss from Ransomware:

  1. Backup Please!

Always create regular backups of your data so that even of cyber crooks get a hold on it, you can still access your important document and files.

  1. Scan incoming emails for suspicious attachments, including compressed attachments as well.
  2. Use a legitimate tool to safeguard your privacy against any potential attack. The best and most secure form of prevention from Ransomware is to keep all your data stored safely in the cloud. Get Right Backup right now for your computer. So that in case of any mishap you can simply restore your files from the cloud and not pay a penny to cybercrooks.
  1. Create Strong passwords for all your accounts and make a habit of changing them periodically.


Image Source: flippa.com

  1. Uninstall any browser plug-ins that are not required anymore and prevent users from re-installing them.

As long as victims continue to pay the ransom, the threat of Ransomware will keep growing! Take charge of your own security and stay safe!

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