Quick Fixes for 4 Most Common Browser Annoyances

No matter how much we try to avoid, website makers still find aggressive tactics to engage users. Be it annoying pop up ads, auto play videos or appealing discounts and offers, and all of this has a cleverly hidden tiny “X” button which is almost impossible to find. Our browsing experience often gets hindered with these annoyances. And these days almost all websites are following a new trend, where they request us to send notifications.

So, if you’re quite annoyed with all this, here are a few ways to combat these issues. We have managed to find decent solutions for the most commonly faced browser annoyance we all face while surfing Internet.

1. Autoplay Videos

autoplay videos

Every web browser has a separate way of dealing with Autoplay videos. Like recently, Safari added a global setting that disables all autoplay videos. So, if you want to try your luck you can disable the same setting on Chrome as well.

Type chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy into Chrome’s URL bar, which will open Chrome’s list of features that Google is testing out but has yet to include in the browser’s official release. Now select “Document user activation is required” and then tap the “Relaunch Now” button.

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2. Block Notification Requests

block notification request chrome

Whenever we visit a webpage for the first time it consistently requests us to send notifications. A pop up box appears on the screen asking us “This website wants to send notifications” with two options “Allow” and “Block”. We have to go through same procedure on and on, and repeatedly have to press the Block button every time a new website starts requesting us to send notifications.

But if you want to make this setting generalized and disable all websites from sending notification requests here’s what you need to do. Open Google Chrome’s settings and tap on “Advanced”. Go to “Privacy and Security” section and tap on “Content Settings”. Next, click Notifications and then toggle the switch to “Blocked”.

3. Overlays

overlays in chrome

Website makers and ad agencies have become pretty smart, hence finding that tiny “X” button which closes the window is next to impossible. So, for this we’re going to take help of a third party extension named as “BehindTheOverlay”. It installs a small button on Chrome’s URL bar that you can click anytime to close an overlay that you encounter instead of hunting for the overlay’s camouflaged X button.

4. Too Many Ads

stopallads for adblock

Last but not the least for sure, the most annoying thing while surfing on Internet are ad popups. They are all around us and are frequently intrusive. So, to combat this trouble you can rely on a third party ad blocker that’ll take care of all unwanted ads and pop ups giving you a pretty smooth browsing experience. One such dedicated ad blocking extension is Stop All Ads which is available on Google Chrome store for download. Install it right away and make your life easy!

StopAll Ads
StopAll Ads

Here were the most commonly faced browser annoyances and some quick fixes to make your browsing experience a pleasant one!

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