Print Spooler Giving Trouble? Here’s How You Can Fix It!

We generally open Task Manager to check and manage different running programs and processes. While checking for different process, you might have noticed that a process name spoolsv.exe or Spooler SubSystem App or Print Spooler is always running in background. This is a normal process of Windows, which handles the different print jobs at a time.

In case you are facing any issues while using your printer, it might be due to issues with spoolsv.exe or Spooler SubSystem App process.

What is Print Spooler?

Print Spooler or spoolsv.exe is a program located in System32 folder of Windows operating system. It manages all printing jobs which are being sent to the printer. Basically, it is responsible for queuing print jobs, which helps user to continue with their work without giving special attention on print queue. Also, print spooler allows user to delete print jobs which are waiting for printouts or to set print priority.

Issues with Print Spooler

Generally, Print Spooler works smoothly without consuming lot of system resources. It uses some CPU resources while performing print job, but that is normal.

However, sometimes it is noticed that print spooler or spoolsv.exe consumes lot of CPU resources which deteriorate the system performance continuously. This normally happens due to different issues like print queue is full of print job, incompatible printer driver or printer not configured properly. But these can be resolved easily.

How to Resolve Print Spooler Issues?

  1. Restart your PC: Most of the issues are generally resolved just by rebooting the computer, as it restarts all processes.
  2. Update driver: Due to outdated or incompatible printer driver, print spooler may consume lot of CPU or may not work properly, so it is advisable to timely update the drivers.
  3. Delete unwanted queued print job: If you still face some issues with printer, then just delete the queued print jobs. To do so just follow the steps below:
    • Click on Start and go to Control Panel.
      control panel in windows 10
    • In the Control Panel window, double click on Administrative Tools and go to Services.
      services in windows 10
    • From the right panel of Services windows, right click on Print Spooler. Right click on that to click on Stop in the drop down menu. Now minimize this window.
      print spoler service start or stop
    • Now go to My Computer and navigate to the folder C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS, here delete all the files or print jobs and close the folder.
      printers in windows 10
    • Maximize the Administrative Tools folder and again right click on Print Spooler and choose Start.
      print spooler windows 10 start

So, these are the steps to troubleshoot the Print Spooler issues.

Print spooler is helpful for printers to get shared with entire network. Some issues might occur while performing print job, but that can be resolved easily.

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