Pocket-Friendly Gamers: Best Buy’s Under $10 for Nintendo Switch Games

It has been a year since the hybrid handheld Switch was launched by Nintendo and it’s still pretty hard to get your hands on decent titles. From gorgeous wall designed games like Celeste, Stardew Valley to the heavy heading first party titles like Odyssey and Breath of The Wild we have been drowning in amazing games to play. That is a great change of pace from Wii U era. It is no joke as the Switch has three times as many games compared to what Wii U had at the same point in 2013. Without being said, we want to look into the future and take a look at the greatest titles under $10.

So, we are here with a buying guide for those of you, who want to the save a buck or two at the end of month but, still want to play some really cool Nintendo switch games under $10.

Best Nintendo Switch Games:

1. Shu

shu game

Shu is developed by Coatsink Software. The story is on the minimalistic side. You are a bird like creature who is sent on a journey to outrun the end of the world. A great stage of flood is quickly enveloping the Shu’s village and the world, where you need to reach a special place to stop her. While Shu is the main protagonist, there are other 10 characters who will accompany you on your journey from time to time with special abilities that can be used to cross the disloyal path ahead.

This game has an amazing soundtrack, it’s very peaceful and has a calming feel to it. It’s a collectible style platformer a lot of people seem to like. As you progress the game increases dramatically in difficulty.

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Well those who have not initiated in metal slug universe, it is a series of highly polished running gun shooters from SNK. With hands on hunt, this is one of the many classic Neo Geo games to get in Nintendo Switch. Gameplay has a very regular approach of killing all the enemies as you make your way to end of each stage.

In this game, you can choose between 4 characters, not that they offer different abilities. In this game, you follow a bunker storyline. What you will notice is metal slug 3 is just dripping with comedy with character reactions and random things popping up in stages is incredibly contradicting to the blood and violence of the gameplay. But, its glorious nonetheless. Please enjoy the masterpiece that built a generation for video games.

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3. PAN-PAN A Tiny Big Adventure

PAN-PAN A Tiny Big Adventure

The game PAN-PAN is an exploration puzzle game made by Spelkraft and published by Might and Delight. In the game you play as a female character whose blimp like aircraft has crash landed on some unexplored island. After the crash you meet some hooded figures with mustaches will try help you fix your aircraft.

The goal of the game is to collect different parts to repair the blimp. This game is set in an open world that takes you through the series of levels filled with puzzles. If you who loves beautiful artistic games, this game might just be for you.

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4. Toki Tori 2+: Nintendo Switch Edition

Toki Tori 2+ Nintendo Switch Edition

It is a very colorful cute puzzle platformer. In the game you are playing as a young chick who is sent out in order to save the world, stop the pollution that’s been spreading. The core gameplay in Toki Tori is very simple. You are only able to sing and stomp.

The game just features a world map where you can fast travel the spots as you unlock them on the maps. It’s a very relaxing game, which you can pick up after a long day. As you move further in the game, the complexity of the puzzles increases.

5. The Bridge

The Bridge

This game is released and published by The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild. The bridge was out on steam few years back. And it is now on Nintendo Switch as well. It is kind of a psychological puzzle game and has some really attractive statics, hand-drawn black and white lithographic art that looks really neat. It’s like real life and art watched in combined at the same time. The designs are basically based on MC Escher artworks.

The main focus of the game is how the puzzles are accomplished. To do this you have to rotate the screen in order to maneuver your character and items and obstacles out of the way to make it to the next round of stage. There are 24 levels of this game. In later stages also, you have to find the key to make your exit on to the next level. If you are in the puzzle game stuff you could possibly have some fun with this game.

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6. Blaster Master Zero

Blaster Master Zero

Blaster Master Zero is a reboot of the classic title Master Blaster. Developed and published by INTI CREATES CO., LTD. The game is based on our main protagonist Jason Frudnick who is a robotic engineer and just like in the original game, finds a strange toad like creature named Fred. But, before long this creature escapes and jumps in a hole in the ground that just appears out of nowhere.

It features two modes of gameplay just like the NES version. It has over exploration elements that are largely vehicle based. Where you will ride SOFIA THE 3. Sofia here is a pretty legit tank. The other game mode is on foot missions where Jason must leave Sofia behind and enter small caves inside. There is also a 2nd player entry for supporting the lead player through the game.

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For a gamer it’s sometimes hard to decide what you want to get. So, hope you liked the list of the games that we mentioned and were able to save your time and money.

Please comment and provide your feedback if you found this helpful or have any suggestions!!

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