Playing The Devil’s Advocate – Should or Shouldn’t You Deactivate Facebook Account

The top boss of SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk, recently took a dig at Facebook and Twitter #DeleteFacebook It’s lame. It’s not just him, but many other dignitaries and celebrities like Sacha Baron Cohen and Stephen King have reiterated the same. Elon Musk deleted the official pages of both his companies back in 2018 after Cambridge Analytica gathered the personal information of over 87 million users without their prior consent.

There’s no denying the fact that Facebook has become an important part of our lives. Don’t you think chucking it out will have an adverse effect? No! We are certainly not contesting the goods that could happen if you delete or deactivate a Facebook account. But, we’d like you to look at the goods objectively and the bads, let’s try to look at things more objectively and look at the pros and cons of Facebook.

Pros and cons of Facebook Of Having Facebook In Your Life

Facebook is not all bad. Let’s have a look at some of the advantages of Facebook –

#1 Finding People

Finding PeopleSource:

Pro: Finding People Has Become Easier

There is hardly a soul on Earth who doesn’t have an account on Facebook. And, when you find a long lost friend or a distant relative on Facebook and your happiness knows no bounds. Indeed, finding people is one of the most rewarding and positive effects of Facebook. There are times when you might think that you probably won’t be able to meet a person again and how amazing it is when you find the same person on Facebook.   

Con: Finding Wrong People Has Also Become Easier

You never know when a fake person, probably someone with ulterior motives, is using the account of the person you are searching for to catch you. Several hackers can hack your account and cause damage to your reputation and finances as well.

#2 Information Sharing

Information Sharing



Pro: Great Deal Of Information Can Be Shared

There is no limit to how much content and the kind of content you can share on Facebook – opinions, photos, videos, questions, memes, personal information, and tons, and tons of other data.

Con: Your Information Can Be shared With Others Too

Facebook knows who you are talking to, what your likes and dislikes are. It can even figure your pictures out from the background of the crowd. And, Facebook has been infamous for sharing this personal data. For instance, quite recently, the Facebook IDs, names, and phone numbers of more than 267 million were compromised.

And, how can we forget the Cambridge Analytica data breach where the personal data from approximately 87 million users was compromised.

#3 Killing Boredom

Killing Boredom



Pro: Facebook Is A Great Way To Pass Time

If you are idle and don’t have much to do, Facebook can be your go-to place. Apart from chatting with your pals, you can play games, watch videos, check out pages that cater to your interest, and do a lot of stuff. You can share your ideas and even ask questions as well. Especially when you are having a rough day, a few minutes on Facebook can enliven your day.

Con: Addiction Can Be A Major Issue

You will probably not even realize when those few minutes would turn to an hour and so on. Staying glued to your mobile or computer screen can have bad effects on your eyes and overall health.

Something that can further take a toll on our health is fear of missing out. Ever happened that you saw a picture of your buddies where they were having a blast at a party, and you weren’t a part? Did you feel devastated, you sure must-have. That’s when you have fear of missing out and that’s not just you, almost 69% millennials experience the same.

Is Deleting Facebook A Good Idea?

Now that we’ve seen some of the pros and cons of Facebook, if we can control the way we use Facebook, we can evade its repercussions. Sure, Facebook has its set of ups and downs, but having said that, it has become an integral part of our lives. Giving up Facebook means you may have to give up all your personal data, your connections, and so much more. It is advisable that you deactivate a Facebook account, ponder upon whether or not you want to get back to it.

But, Before You Deactivate Your Facebook Account, Try this!

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Here’s a spectacular way you can curb your social media usage. You can install an app like Social Fever that help you stop social media addiction by –

  • Helping you keep track of real-life goals.
  • Motivating you to take up interests and hobbies that you like the most.
  • Helping you keep track of the apps you use.

It is a very efficient application in helping you limit your social media addiction. You can add Facebook to its list and set a time usage for it. Once that daily limit is crossed, it will constantly send you notifications. This will remind you to stop mindlessly scrolling on it. This application is available on Google Play Store and works with the latest OS as well.

Try it now by getting it for your Android device from the download button given below –

What Do You Think?

Should you or shouldn’t you delete Facebook? Social media is a vast ocean, with several platforms branching out and roping millions and billions of users. It has become a part of our lives, we can get connected with our friends and family (and strangers sometimes too!) who live in the farthest corners of the world.

It’s probably not social media but the extent to which we use social media that needs to be curbed. If you feel the same, do give us a shoutout in the comments section. And, also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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