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Google Search Engine has always been the most trusted and reliable search engine. But did you know it does a lot more than just performing searches for you? Give your boring and stressful life a sigh of relief, try out these cool and easy games that Google Search Engine has for you.

In this article, we have tried to list down some of the cool Google games that you can enjoy playing while getting bored. So, without any further ado, let’s start:

Amazing Google Games

1. T-Rex Run

T-Rex Run

Another interesting game by Google that you can try on when your Internet doesn’t work well is T-Rex Run. T-Rex Run is an amazing little addictive game that you can play for hours.  T-Rex Run runs on Google Chrome browser. To play the game you need to run endlessly by jumping over T-Rex 8-bit glory cacti and dodge flying.

To enjoy this game, either have the WiFi of your device turned off or launch Chrome Browser when there is no Internet connection. In this condition, launching Google Chrome browser will give you the message unable to connect to the Internet. Simply tap your device screen or hit the Spacebar and enjoy the game. Use the Spacebar to cross the cacti.

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2. Google Earth Flight Simulator

Google Earth Flight Simulator

Have fun flying with the Google Earth Flight Simulator. An amazing game by Google Earth version 4.2 that makes you fly across the globe. Google Earth Flight Simulator is an excellent simulation tool using which you can explore the world and even zoom in almost everything except military bases.

It offers excellent graphics that makes flying realistic and also a sensitive control system that lets you take complete control over flying. With a choice of 2 planes to opt from and a multitude of airports to select from, it also supports joysticks usage.

Try your hands on this amazing game by downloading and installing GoogleEarth on your system.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac OS, or Linux.

3. Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush is Another tactful game by Google. Zerg Rush is related to the famous video game Starcraft. It is a strategic game that attacks the Google Search results with a bunch of falling O’s. In this game, the player must destroy the O Zergs with the mouse pointer. In case the player fails to destroy them, it would keep on eating the search results.

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4. Snake


The 2013 Chinese Calendar was honored by Google by developing a Google doodle which was a playable variant of the typical Snake game. This variant was an improved version of the classic game.

To start playing, search Google Snake on the Google Search bar and with the arrow keys move the snake around eating things that come in its path. However, you need to be cautious of edibles since there will be some that make you grow slower and few that will slow you down.

5. Pac-Man


Pac Man doodle was launched by Google on 21st May 2010. This Google doodle was released on the 30th Anniversary of the legendary game Pac-Man.

To start playing PacMan doodle, first search PacMan on Google. The main purpose is to make the yellow creature move around the maze of dots. The movement should be such that it eats all the dots, saving itself from the ghosts that try to eat it all the time.

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Don’t worry if you are getting bored. Here are some cool games by Google that can escape you from the boredom. Try them today.

Meta: Are you getting bored and don’t know how to kill your time. Enjoy these addictive games by Google today.

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