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Banking Apps Or Browsers: What’s More Secure?

Around half the world's population uses mobile applications to do various financial transactions. As smartphones are getting advanced day by day, the ways to attack them are also increasing tremendously. In the past years, Banking and Finan...


GBWhatsApp or WhatsApp? The Choice is Yours

For those who might not know about the aforementioned GBWhatsapp, it's a modded version of the famous multi-platform chat app ‘Whatsapp’. This supposedly ‘enhanced’ version of Whatsapp knocked the doors in 2014 and has been steadily...


Things That Make Your Computer Run Slow & Their Fixes

If your computer is running slow and not responding the way it is supposed to, then there could be underlying or momentary issues, which are making it behave the way it is. When you use your computer, you surf Internet, download apps or pro...


Delete, Erase, Wipe, And Shred: Know The Difference

Most of us often get confused between the concept of delete, erase, wipe, and shred. These 4 terms are completely different from each other and have different usage. Basically, files can be deleted without erasing, drive can be erased wi...


Best Games You Can Get on Mac Steam

On a Windows PC or a computer, it is comparatively easy to install and play games you like. Mac computers are best in productivity and in the design but since a long time Mac users have compromised on gaming. Well there is some good news, n...


Google Tracking Alert: All You Need To Know

Aah Facebook! What have you done? It was thanks to you that one could ghost over an ex’s new bae and sleep a good night’s sleep. We could search and know how life goes for the good ol’ school bully. If he gets just desserts from lady ...


The Future Of AR Wearables And Demise Of Smartphones And Computers

The technology used in Augmented Reality is now entering mainstream as several leaders of tech companies are merging this technology into their devices. AR technology has been introduced in apps and mobile devices in the form of holograms a...


How To Avoid Online Shopping Security Mistakes

The world is shrinking virtually and its residents are unknowingly entangled into a vast invisible network. In this unseen source of connectivity, the world has turned into a no-boundary market and the distance between customer and vendor h...


6 Android Apps That Every Blogger Must Try

Blogging is all about expressing yourself & sharing your thoughts and opinions via internet. But that time has certainly passed, when bloggers used to stick to their desktops & laptops to update fresh content. Today in the age of...


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