Friday Essential: Outrageous Social Media Challenges That Make You Question Logic and Sanity!

Life is all about taking challenges, and that applies to virtual world too. We realize that Internet is a place full of trends that can go viral for no reason. And especially Social Networking Sites that has never been short of crazy and interesting challenges.

The most evident acceptors of these Internet trends are Teens, that see these challenges and try them to look ‘cool’ or to fit in. They don’t even hesitate to place them in a risky situation. But the question is how far you can go to stay trendy? Would you apply an inflammable liquid on your body and set it on fire? Or take a ghost pepper chilly and eat it to see what happens?

I mean the choice is Yours!

Top 10 Trending Challenges To Sweep Social Media

Here’s a list of all the crazy and also dangerous social media challenges that are taking rounds on the Internet. So, how many did you take part in?

1. Dragon’s Breath Challenge

After one of the most popular Internet challenge- Tide Pod which made thousands of netizens eat detergents. Here’s another one that is hitting Social media hard. It’s Dragon’s Breath Challenge, it involves eating number of cereal candy that is dipped into liquid nitrogen. Once you pop the candy, you can blow out smoke from your mouth and nose.

It has become increasingly trendy among kids who are seen posting videos showing off their cold smoke techniques. Since the trend has set, certain safety concerns are raised as well, as liquid nitrogen is a vigorous chemical which should not be trifled with.

Dragons Breath Challenge
Image Source: Daily Mail

Here are the most popular videos of people taking the Dragon’s Breath challenge!

2. Falling Stars Challenge

The all new #fallingstars2018 challenge has been spreading fast around the world. It’s about people to create and share their best fake fall. Teenagers and also youngster are making use of Instagram to upload their most extravagant fake falls from boats, escalators and also flopping down in front of cars. People are posting to Instagram and tagging friends who they’d like to see try their hands at it.

According to sources, some high-profile celebrities including former Miss Ukraine and famous American model Arizona Muse have also joined the strange fun.

Falling Stars Challenge
Image Source:

See how far the trend has gone!

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3. Kiki Challenge

Talking about the most popular challenges and not mentioning #KikiChallenge is not possible. Jumping out of a moving car and breaking into solid dance moves seems bizarre, but this is exactly what social media is full of. The challenge is based on Canadian superstar Drake’s song “In My feelings”. Though dancing appears as total fun, but if went wrong it can be as painful as this!

The challenge has created a buzz among every age group and has led to numerous injuries and even death.

Could we just please stop dancing around the moving car!

Kiki Challenge

Watch the Best & Worst Kiki Challenges here!

4. Cinnamon Challenge

Have a full tablespoon of cinnamon powder in your mouth for 60 seconds and swallow it without any beverage. Around tens of thousands of people have posted their videos shoveling the powder and then coughing, choking and lunging for water. The whole point of fulfilling these challenges is to share the end results on the Internet.

According to several reports, people have suffered collapsed lungs and ended up on ventilators.

Like why would anybody wants to put cinnamon powder in their mouth?

Cinnamon Challenge
Image Source:  awesci


Watch the deadliest Cinnamon Challenge here!

5. Hot Water Challenge

After ice and bucket challenge, which gained so much popularity in 2014 here’s another destructive fad known as ‘Hot Water Challenge’ that has been catching teenage fancy on the Internet. The challenge asks to pour hot boiling water on oneself or on some other person without their knowledge.

Though some people are willingly doing it, by drinking water that’s more than 200 degrees. One of the deadliest video that come into limelight, was when an 8-year-old girl died, drinking the boiling water after her cousin dared her to participate the challenge.

Does completing a challenge is more important than risking lives?

Hot Water Challenge
Image Source: LCI

Watch the most shocking videos here!

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6. Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

Another bizarre Internet challenge is #KylieJennerChallenge, where people post videos or pictures of themselves attempting to enlarge their lips through suction technique. People are seen sticking lips into shot glasses for several minutes to get plump lips.

The aim behind the challenge is to imitate the look of popular model & socialite Kylie Jenner. The concept has to be understood, that sucking and creating a vacuum into a bottle or shot glasses would result in swelling, breaking of blood vessels and sometimes cutting of the skin.

While some did a great job, while some ended up with such huge lips that needed medication to get back into the original form.

Seriously, do you really want this?

Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge
Image Source: CW33 Dallas

7. Duct Tape Challenge

It seems like taking up tasks that can even risk lives have become a viral video trend. This next challenge asks people to tie someone into duct tape from head to toe and demand to get out of the tape in as less time as possible.

Whereas many appear to have taken part in the challenge without suffering any harm, while some got potential injuries when the dangerous game went wrong. Certain incidents were reported when people ended hurting their head & eyes, while trying to get out of the duct tape and fell off.

Duct Tape Challenge
Image Source: The Sun

8. Car Surfing

There are stupid challenges and then there are very stupid challenges. An, then there is Car Surfing Challenge. The person accepting this challenge has to surf on the car roof, bumper or hood. Especially teens have been seen taking this challenge and putting the concept of thrill rides to a next level.

Much reports came into limelight, when one wrong movement by driver or person surfing ended up hurting badly.

See what people are up to!

Car Surfing

9. The Don’t Judge Challenge

One of the most popular fun challenges so far is #DontJudgeChallenge that has taken the Instagram, Twitter by storm. The challenge is something like this- a person has to make a selfie video wearing heavy unattractive elements like fake eyebrows, teeth gaps, messy hair and looking as ugly as possible. And then transforming them into their best.

Thousands of people were seen posting their videos with the caption “Don’t judge a book by its cover” and it’s the most tweeted topics in Chicago.

The Dont Judge Challenge
Image Source: Android Market

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10. Eat It Or Wear It Challenge

And there are more challenges where food items come into play.  ‘Eat it or wear it’ is a morbid YouTube Challenge. As the name says, people have to either try a bite of food items or they have to dump it on their heads or faces. Sticky, gooey and flat-out gross food items are placed between friends and each one gets a chance, to eat it or wear it.

Very much messy!

And whosoever invented this challenge had a lot of time on their hands!

Eat It Or Wear It Challenge

Watch people getting dipped into food!

So, is it just me or there are people who are sick of these dumbest teen challenges? Like to what extent people one can go for getting social media fame.

Bottom Line:

As quickly as these challenges come into limelight, gets fade, and the new ones arrive bringing to social media frenzy. Don’t be gullible. You should actually think before you accept another crazy social media challenge!

Until Next Time, Happy Friday!

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