OurMine on Feet Again: Netflix’s Twitter Account Hacked!

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Seems like OurMine has taken the onus for world’s security risk!

We have seen OurMine, a hacking group, hijacking several high profile social media accounts in the year. Before we could say good bye to 2016, OurMine inflicted injury upon another Twitter account and showed us that they are here to stay. This time, the victim happened to be Netflix.

OurMine hacked Netflix’s Twitter account yesterday and posted several tweets promoting its own website and services. Netflix, in total has amassed 2.5m followers on Twitter. The tweets were removed by Twitter Support after about an hour, since the first tweet appeared. The group didn’t seem to hack the account for any malicious purposes, rather, to alert users about their security standards. This can be assessed with their posts on the official account.


On this, the company’s verified Customer Support Twitter handle tweeted, “We’re aware of the situation and are working to get it resolved.” The group says, they got access to several of Netflix’s account by taking control over their Director of Social Media’s account. They have also added that they aren’t planning to do anything with the account. Apparently, OurMine aims to raise security standards followed by people all around and in order to do so, they hijack social media accounts. Right after hacking any account, OurMine reveal their identity and make sure that nothing wrong happens to the concerned account.

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The confusedly activist or hacking group has attacked on accounts of several other eminent personalities such as Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey and Evan Williams, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, BuzzFeed and, most recently, Forbes.

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