If you find any issues with macOS, then here is a treasure trove of articles that will help you understand your MacBook better.

For Mac

How to Reset NVRAM, PRAM, SMC on a Mac

Over time and prolonged usage, every device or gadget starts acting up. No matter which OS you use, whether Windows or macOS, encountering errors, bugs and glitches are quite natural. Most of us simply reboot our machine to get past several...


How To DeNoise Images and make Beautiful HDR Photos

Do you beat yourself up, when after applying the right settings, you don’t get the desired click? If yes, trust me I know the feeling, it isn’t great. But after using an amazing software called HDR Effect things have been easy. As th...

For iPhone

How to Transfer Files Between iPhone and Mac

Did you know there are 7 unique ways to transfer files between iPhone and Mac? Yes, you heard that right! In our daily lives, we tend to struggle a lot when it comes to sharing data between devices. Isn’t it? But once you learn about the ...